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Office relocation can be exhausting, hectic, troublesome and without expert hands can turn into a complete disaster. Save your time and money with help of best packers and movers in Kolkata and have a smooth shifting.

It has never been easier to relocate an office and adjust everything with just a blink of an eye. The procedure is no doubt hectic,Guest Posting troublesome and without expert hands can turn into a complete disaster. An office or corporate relocation means shifting essential documents, equipment, machines, furnitures and most importantly choosing the right place to shift. If you are planning to shift your office from Kolkata to a different location or within the city, then you will find some of the best packers and movers in Kolkata online. However, instead of just relying blindly on the appointed packers and movers service company, you and your team should follow the following steps too to avoid the exhausting shifting procedure -


  • Choose and procure the right place - This is possibly the most important part of the journey. The place you should choose must be accommodating and match your requirements. Prior to booking, go through both online and offline research regarding the place.  You should visit the place by yourself, ask the locals, who are sometimes the best source of information. At the same time, if possible try to talk with former clients of the place. If reviews are available online, go through that too. Try not to ignore these steps, you never know what kind of trouble you might encounter in the newly acquired avenue. 


  • Settle with the Network and Internet service providers - It might sound light but it is a crucial step to accomplish. Settling with the internet and other network service providers can actually take longer than your estimated time. Thus, make settlement with the aforementioned service providers as soon as you can. At least try to have a word with the chosen service providers and again go through both online and offline search. When you will have a prior settlement you will feel relaxed after the relocation and you can easily balance other important works in the meanwhile. 
  • Prepare a list prior giving notice - This is again a big responsibility to accomplish. Have transparent communication with your clients as well as with your stakeholders. Try not to disclose your relocation to your clients and your stakeholders. It might prove harmful. Once you have completely moved out and have settled, inform your existing clients and stakeholders through mails, whatsapp and if you possess any social media account, then make updates there too. This way you can successfully avoid having unnecessary issues such as misplacing items, essential documents and theft. 
  • Try not to relocate heavy and fragile items if you are relocating far - If you are shifting your office to a not very nearby place, then it would be advisable not to send the heavy furniture. In most cases, the heavy furniture becomes fragile and people face issues such as accidental hazards and lethal damages. Hence, you should think about selling them and purchasing lighter or less fragile items for your new office. This way you can save some money as well as can avoid facing potential hazards. 
  • Research and then appoint packers and movers - When shifting to a different place, you are doubtlessly in need of a reliable and reputed packers and movers service provider. You should not rely on any random provider you will find on the internet. Always see whether the information provided online is verified or not. Many have faced issues such as inefficient and unprofessional workers and serious damage of the items, unbelievable service charge and such. Hence, you are advised to first go through extensive research and then only appointing one. 

The above mentioned ones are some of the steps one should definitely follow besides just taking help from top packers and movers in kolkata. Prepare yourself with smartness and best of luck. 

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