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Ever wanted to know what steps to take to create wealth, or how your belief systems are holding you back from your own success? What about the 5 different stages one can be at in life, or the five basic skills in life, or the 5 Pillars of Wealth. Well read on, I took a one hour seminar from Marcus deMaria and he explains all of that.

You know your beliefs could be stopping you from creating wealth. And please know that there is a difference between making money and creating wealth.

I just listened to a course by a gentleman named Marcus DeMaria. He says one of the first things we must do is discover what's holding us back. Which goes back to your beliefs,Guest Posting if you believe all rich people are greedy and arrogant, you think you're going to become rich?

DeMaria says to ask yourself these questions:
What beliefs do I have about money?
What fears do I have about what it takes to create money?

Most people say wealth isn't for someone like me; I may become greedy; or they are too busy. Some say they aren't interested in money; they aren't good enough or they are afraid of losing what they have now.

But where do these beliefs come from? The people around us, the things we hear, and experience around us. Just think of some of the things we have probably heard growing up like "Money doesn't grow on trees," or perhaps your parents would tell you "I'm not made of money." Think of what those words suggest, as if create money is such a difficult task. Anthony Robbins says "belief systems" stand for b.s. which we all know is bulls**t.

We need to create new beliefs that create wealth. Thats the first step to creating wealth. Napolean Hill, one of the worlds greatest minds said that you must find a purpose that is bigger than you. You have to find a vision and a clear purpose of where you are going, and it has to be something greater than you. Don't center it around you.

You also need to learn how to attract money into your life. You have to find out what is your passion and build around that, and chase that, don't chase the money to be made with something, do it because its what fuels your fire. Otherwise you will never be able to keep that money you are making, it will be gone as soon as you get it.

We are in the era of true alchemy. (The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho great book). This is where we take what we truly believe and desire and actually make it happen. Expect nothing less than the result you believe in your heart to be true. Money is nothing more than a creative flow of energy. One must be laser focused. Organized. If you have a junky and cluttered home, I already know what kind of life you lead.

There are five stage of where people can be at with creating wealth in their life:
1. Those who question wealth to be a bad thing, due to their belief systems.
2. Those who say "Maybe I could be wealthy..."
3. Those who say "I could do this...I've had some success here and there, I could do this"
4. Those who are absolutely committed, have a burning white heat desire to create wealth. And this is where most people either get to, or begin at, but its not enough.
5. Those who have a complete and utter belief that they are ALREADY wealthy, its just a matter of time before it will manifest.

This is where true wealth creation takes place. There is a path out there for everyone, but you have to believe that, step out into the darkness and have faith. Believe. Most people say show me, and then I'll believe. It works quite the opposite. When you believe, everything in the universe conspires to help make your belief a reality.

There are five skills of basic wealth:
1. Remove the bad debt.
2. Make saving fun.
3. Learn how to make more money.
4. Invest your money.
5. Compound your money.

Marcus deMaria gives a few examples on how to achieve each of those in a course he provides. deMaria also describes the 5 Pillars of Wealth:
1. Owning Property/Land
2. Owning Stocks or Shares
3.Growing Your Own Business
4.Having Your Own Career
5.Internet Marketing

These five pillars uphold your financial structure. They represent streams of income. Think of it in terms of a home, if you have only one of these pillars, is your home stable. No, you need at least two pillars. Three is better. Get the picture. The more streams of income, pillars of wealth you have, you become recession proof. Nothing can rock your world.

Finally you need to have a support team because you can't do it alone. Take consistent and massive wealth action, have gratitude and fun.

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