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Digital days have truly arrived in style! All corporate ventures have a presence on various social media platforms. The gap between a brand and its customers has been bridged.

If we are talking about active social media presence,Guest Posting QNET completely takes the lead. They have come closer to their loyalists through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc...They have embraced social media, and this was evident when they collaborated with Asian Bloggers for a social media conference.

The customer base of this network marketing company is spread all across the globe. They cater to the needs of nearly 6 million customers. QNET has built communication with them and potential investors through the power of social media. Their participation in this conference highlighted their openness towards this medium. I visited their social media pages and realised that the limitation of geographical locations has not hindered their success. Their effective use of these platforms has led in the building of a community experience.

Significant thoughts were exchanged in this conference. This multilevel marketing company was praised for its use of social media in building communication with their Independent Representatives. QNET Social Media and Communications specialist, Ben Chin said, “...we recognise how powerful social media is. We use it to engage and connect with our networkers online because we want them to know that we are here 100 per cent in support of them achieving their goals and dreams. Furthermore, when it comes to the Internet, there are no geographical boundaries. Therefore, we are now able to assist someone in Egypt the same way we would someone in Malaysia through social media.”

This conference was attended by some of the top most companies like Virgin Group, DELL, and Intel Technology etc...The Executive Chairperson of this multilevel marketing company, Donna Imson was also a speaker in this conference. She spoke on ‘Social Media Conversations: How to Gain Trust and Form Relationships with Your Community.’ The keynote address was delivered by the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir. Being a prominent blogger, he had valuable inputs to share. Fascinating topics were discussed in this conference. Cyberspace has expanded to a tremendous extent. Laws and ethics in this arena were highlighted. Online Reputation Management of a brand is a growing trend. This was also a topic of discussion. Crucial differences between a journalist and a blogger were brought to the table. Social media is very powerful. Before taking the plunge, brands should plan out their strategies and endeavours.

Since the past few years, this multilevel marketing company has steadily built their popularity on these platforms. It has aided them in their success and continues to do so. Participation in such initiatives highlights their broadmindedness. The communication process is further enhanced as the customers are in the loop about the updates in the world of network marketing. They are also aware about the changing catalogue of this multilevel marketing company. Their involvement in this conference also led to doubts being cleared about the use of social media. Instances like these bring out this multilevel marketing company’s efforts to stay connected to their customers. It is one of the reasons for their phenomenal success.

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