The Royal Sovereign HSH-1201 Pouch Laminator: A Review

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Do you want a pouch laminator that just about has it all? If so, you should consider taking a look at the Royal Sovereign HSH-1201. Here is an in-depth look at this device's strengths and weaknesses.

Do you want a pouch laminator that just about has it all? If so,Guest Posting you should consider taking a look at the Royal Sovereign HSH-1201. Here's an in-depth look at this device's strengths and weaknesses.


  • The HSH-1201 has a feed opening that's just under 13 inches wide. Because of this, you'll be able to laminate documents of all different sizes, including ones printed on tabloid-sized paper (11” x 17”).
  • Most of today's pouch laminators have two or four rollers. That's not the case with this machine. It actually has 6, so you can be confident that your documents will look their absolute best. They definitely won't be marred by bubbles or wrinkles, that's for sure. The rollers have their own cooling system so they'll stay in good shape.
  • This device offers both hot and cold settings so you'll be able to use both thermal and pressure-sensitive laminating pouches. The pouches you use can range in thickness from 1.5 to 10 mil, so your documents will get the exact amount of protection they need. You can even use this machine to laminate photographs and prepare visual aids using mounting boards. (The boards can be up to 0.12” thick.)
  • Pouch jams do occur sometimes and the HSH-1201 has a reverse mode you can use if that happens. The front cover also detaches so you can try resolving the jam that way, if you want. You'll also be able to clean the machine when the cover is removed.
  • The HSH-1201 has a stand-by mode you can utilize if you anticipate laminating later on in the day but don't want to have the machine warm up again.
  • Once this laminator is ready to go, it can process almost 9 feet per minute. Thus, it will take you very little time to finish the job.
  • Finally, this machine is backed by a warranty that lasts for one full year.


  • It takes the HSH-1201 about 5 minutes to warm up. You should have it warm up while you're preparing your documents or doing other tasks to save time.
  • This is a pretty wide device that measures 22” across. (It's also 11.4” deep and 4.9” tall.) Since it will take up a fair amount of room, you'll want to make sure it will fit alongside your other office devices before purchasing it.
  • Finally, this laminator lacks a tray so you'll want to carefully pick up your items as they exit the machine.

Overall, the HSH-1201 is one of Royal Sovereign's best pouch laminators. It has all of the hallmarks of such a device including both hot and cold settings, a high number of rollers (six is incredible), and a stand-by mode. The fact that it can accept mounting boards is a major plus and it's also great that you can remove the front cover. It will make maintaining the machine a piece of cake. Also, you'll love the fact that this device is able to process your documents so quickly after the initial 5-minute warm-up time. As long as you have enough room for this device, you'll be really impressed by it, so take a look at it today.

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