The ways to choose the best shirt that would suit your personality

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Men usually have a very limited range of option when it comes to clothing in common belief. However, just like women, men are also quite specific about the way they dress and look. But sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right shirt that would match one’s personality.

People,Guest Posting especially men sometimes struggle to find out the best outfit or attire that they would look good in and also would suit the occasion they are attending to. With the onset of every new season the styles and patterns seem to change drastically. So not only for women, but for men as well now-a-days it becomes essential to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. So as soon as the new collection hits the market, it becomes a task for mainly the fashion focused people to go out and shop. But how do they know what to buy and not to buy. Style is important, especially for an everyday work man trying to stand out of the crowd and stay updated, so picking the right shirt is a key task.


For almost all men, their shirt is their main weapon of representation, it depicts their personality and character. Over and above the shirts that they wear also needs to be comfortable and they should feel confident wearing them.

So to make the right choice, it’s important to know about the different designs and patterns available. Generally, we see there are five main types of shirts, the V-neck, polo T-shirt, shirt, vest and the round necks. In case of shirt patters the most common ones are solids, stripes and checks. These shirts even have different sophistication levels.


The basic rule is to choose the right color with the right pattern for the right occasion, like a bright colored solid pink would not be the perfect choice for a meeting, rather a white or black solid would be the appropriate one. The colors also display your mood and the way you are feeling. So understand that the shirt you are wearing is almost your own art-piece. So before you select or buy a shirt you have to rank the significance of the occasion or the people you are going to be with or meet.

Solid shirts generally show personality, a mature vibe and so this would probably be your best bet for an extremely formal meeting or interview or conference. For a little less formal occasion, you may choose any of the patterns as said earlier, but make sure to choose the right color for your tailor made shirts.


You may choose the V-neck and round neck T-shirts for all your informal occasions because of their informal implications. These outfits are highly expressive and can be used for a lunch out with friends and casual afternoon parties. Make sure to use some bright colors to speak for yourself. Now for a mediocre event or occasion like an outing with family or friends, the polo T-shirts or the multi-colored checked ready to wear or tailor made shirts would be perfect.


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Martin Lurher has performed a series of interview with many online apparel stores in the world. He found that tailor made shirts are quite popular world-wide. But before trying this out you have to be sure of which pattern and look would suit you and the occasion you are dressing for.

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