Unweave the future – Non-woven bags replacing Plastic

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To know more about the history of Non Woven Bags and how they are a better alternative than plastic... 

Be it bags or another product,Guest Posting with the rising concerns for the environmental damage caused by plastic, it has become nearly our obligation to switch over to a more environmentally friendly approach towards life. One way that we can do so is by utilizing more alternatives to plastic and its products. Zedpack, a leading manufacturer of non-woven shopping bags, says, "Given the huge danger that the over-usage and littering of plastic bags cause, non-woven bags have emerged as the ultimate environmental warriors to help reduce plastic-use."

What are Non-woven bags?

Non-woven shopping bags are typically made out of biodegradable material. The varied filaments of non-woven fabric are squeezed together and made into a bag and this, in turn, enables the bags to be printed on and grab the attention of the people. These bags are customizable in every way and are water repellent. 

History of Non woven bags

First introduced in China, non-woven bags were crafted with care from spun-bond non-woven polypropylene (PP) cloth. The use of polypropylene (PP) lends the bags of the appearance and texture of cloth. As the name suggests, non-woven bags do not require weaving – thus making them an economically feasible option.

Not only are the bags easy on your pockets, but more importantly, they go easy on the environment as well. In particular, the main reason for their eco-friendly nature is because non-woven bags are 100% recyclable. Despite paper bags being recyclable, they come with a limit on usability. Woven bags, on the other hand, place a strain on the industrial process to recycle them. Being easier to manufacture, non-woven bags score higher points in this aspect as well.

How are Non woven bags environmentally friendly?

Non-woven shopping bags can be reused over and over again for years. The quality that makes these bags reusable is their toughness and durability in terms of carrying the weight and their long shelf life. So now you don't need to stress over having numerous bags for all your diverse stuff! By being lightweight and easy to carry, non-woven bags have brought about another form of green revolution around the globe.

These bags comprise multi-purpose qualities which makes them perfect for business and brands. With the correct designs and customization, you can effectively increase your brand reach and become a buzz.

Summing up

In spite of the fact that non-woven shopping bags are quickly becoming a safer alternative to plastic bags, a few of us are still careless. We, despite everything, would want to over-pay to buy non-biodegradable bags. It is imperative that we take the situation at hand into serious consideration and think about our obligations towards our environment by not harming it any further and by repairing the damage that we have done. The condition of global warming has been highlighting the worsening state of this by increasing its impact day after day. Manufacturers at Zedpack believe that the dumping of more non-biodegradable waste is going to further aggravate the condition. This is why, the non-woven bag is a need of the hour, days, weeks, months and many years to come. We ought to be more responsible for our nature.

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