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Nowadays I hear a few saying “what is in a title”, “titles are not ... “you should not place ... to your title” etc. This drumbeat leads you to think that you are selfish and doomed if

Nowadays I hear a few saying “what is in a title”,Guest Posting “titles are not important”, “you should not place importance to your title” etc. This drumbeat leads you to think that you are selfish and doomed if you attach yourself to titles. Ironically these statements come from the bosses having titles like “Group Manager”, “ Group Director”, “Executive Vice President” etc. They are definitely elder and more wiser than I, which forces me to think I may be doing something wrong if I attach myself to titles. May be I am not supposed to think about Titles that way. So I decided to give it a try, the life without thinking about titles. I failed miserably and I was very unsuccessful in doing that. So I decided to dwelve more into why a title is important. I started looking into my life as a kid and as an adult. The society I grew up know me as son of so& so, brother of so&so and that made me feel proud. Don’t say that how can you be happy if everyone only recognizes you as someone’s somebody. I would say that title gave me a sense of belonging, a sense of entitlement and that feeling made the surrounding environment more enjoyable. After my graduation the society gave me a title “Engineer” and that meant something. Once I started working, my profession gave me a title “Design Engineer” and that meant something. I fell in love and assumed a title “Lover” and it felt really good. I got married and society and my family gave me a title “Husband” and again made me feel really good. I had a kid and society and my family gave me a title “Parent” and my kid gave me a title “Daddy”. Oh boy! with all these titles now I am on the top of the hill and very very proud of myself. So my point is my family and the society spoiled me by giving me feel great titles. Now I am addicted to titles. Titles became the means of recognition in the world of society, family and profession. Titles functioned as great reminders of my responsibility, limits, liabilities etc. Titles made me function and behave well. Titles gave me good boundaries to go by. Titles coached me what to look for, what to expect and how to react. It is difficult for me to get out of this title inspired mold crafted by society, family and profession. The 'Self', I project out and know about is a intersection of these three circles (Society, Family and Profession). These three circles defined me by giving 'Titles". These three circles molded my thoughts and behaviour by attaching me to the Titles. So If you ask me what is in a Title?, I would say my "'Self".

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