Who is Marcus Evans Group?

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Marcus Evans was founded in 1983 by Marcus Paul Bruce Evans, an English businessman who is also the Owner and Chairman of Ipswich Town Football Club. 

The Marcus Evans Group has offices around the globe and produce events on a global scale. They are dedicated to creating high end corporate business events that provide clients with world class business intelligence and information to help them in developing their strategic goals,Guest Posting to assist them in effective decision making and provide them with networking opportunities – the ultimate goal is to help all clients improve their business performance and to develop long term relationships with them. Marcus Evans events are sector focussed and they concentrate on a number of major sectors that include:Corporate communication, performance and strategyDefenceEnergyFinanceGovernmentHealth careInformation TechnologyLegalLife SciencesManufacturingMarketing/SalesEngineeringRetailTelecommunicationConferences are carefully researched to ensure that they are of high quality and meet the needs and expectations of attendees, speakers and sponsors. Highly relevant and cutting edge issues will be address by cutting edge speakers. Marcus Evans DefenceThe Marcus Evans Defence division is a leader in advanced and strategic forums and conferences which are attended by the world’s most influential defence officials. The events attract industry leading speakers composed of allied militaries and those in the defence industry. Through long lasting and strong governmental relationships, the defence division maintains the highest standards of quality and service in research, technology and product development. They are committed to this high level of service and quality, which is evident through all of their events. Each US event is in accordance with the United States Department of Defence standards of conduct for private meetings and all Marcus Evans Defence events are public forums, with all briefings and workshops being unclassified.Examples of issues addressed at security events: Zero Day ExploitsA zero-day (or zero-hour or day zero) or threat is a computer threat that will try to exploit computer application vulnerabilities that are unknown to others or the software developers. Zero-day exploits is the actual software that uses a security hole to carry out the attack, they are used and can be shared by attackers. Issues like this are vital for those in the Defence division to be aware about. According to a new report, which may be of interest to anyone looking to attend a security event is the overblown nature of the zero-day threat. Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report (11th volume) found that more than a third of malware detections were down to malicious software that didn’t use the AutoRun function in Windows correctly. This was split between those malwares that were spread through removable storage and those spread through network volumes.Interestingly, it also found that 6% of the threats detected by the software removal tool (MSRT) were due to exploits, or malicious code that attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in applications or operating systems. But, only less than 1% of these exploits were caused by zero-day exploit activity.Marcus Evans security events address such issues and aim to inform and keep those in the industry fully up to date and aware of such concerns.  They have a number of events held by professionals in their Defence Division throughout the year and these can be found here: Marcus Evans 

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