Why Go Green in Logistics?

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With climate change an ever-growing worry, there are more reasons than ever to make your logistics service eco-friendly.

Climate change discourse has been a big part of the industry for the last few years,Guest Posting both privately and publicly - and with good reason: it’s a pressing issue for the whole planet. What’s more, there are plenty of other good reasons to make your logistics service as green as you possibly can.

It Saves You Money

As climate change becomes more and more pronounced, increasing numbers of governments are implementing their own legislation aimed at combating it. This may include legal maximums, above which operators would face prosecution, or the taxing of excess emissions. Either way, you’ll save yourself legal fees, taxes, and a whole lot of headache by keeping your business as green as possible.

What’s more, emissions represent inefficiency. The businesses that waste the least money on fuel and the least time on roundabout transport routes are the ones that also produce the lowest emissions, making them a useful way to gauge how efficient your logistics service operation is.

It Looks Good to Clients and Investors

Having a good environmental record is an increasingly vital part of your PR. Plenty of consumers and investors reject a company over ethical concerns if their operations aren’t eco-friendly enough. Not only this, but high emissions operations are increasingly being seen as the mark of an outdated business that will not survive the rigours of the market.

Logistics services’ emissions are about to become public knowledge as well, as the CDP is going to publish lists of businesses ranked by carbon emissions and engagement with climate change. This means there’ll be no keeping this knowledge from customers in the near future. The more dedicated you are to green operation, the more you can keep on top of this information and keep your clients and investors on-side.

Climate Change Is Dangerous

This is the most commonly cited and most important reason for a logistics service (or indeed any individual or business) to strive for a green operation. Climate change is a threat to us all, and this is a chance to do something truly worthwhile. Additionally, if you manage several aspects of a logistics business, you’ll be in a position to reduce emissions and adopt green operation policies at all levels, putting you in a far stronger position to fight climate change than an average individual.

All in all, there are a number of pressing reasons to go green. PR is one of the major ones, as a green company attracts clients and investors, but there’s also the impact of soon-to-be-implemented taxes and penalties to consider. Finally, there’s the simple but vital reason that climate change is a very real threat, and anything that can be done to alleviate the issue is very worthwhile.

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