Platt College – The Largest In Oklahoma

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Set up with the objective of creating a workforce of professionals with the skills and training catering to the requirements of the society, Platt College, located at Tulsa is the largest private college of Oklahoma in United States. Providing rigors of academic discipline, and hands on experience, the college is dedicated to creating responsible and productive citizens.

Brief History

Established in 1979,Guest Posting the growth of the college has been quite steady and it has now become the largest in Oklahoma .


College campus is located at 3801 South Sheridan, Tulsa , in Oklahoma . The school is two year proprietary culinary arts college that provides training in the health science as well. With an urban setting the college is located in a large city with population of nearly 500,000. In addition the college has a computer campus. Around 450 students are enrolled in the college.


Platt College is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and licensed by OBPVS.

Programs Offered

Associate degrees and certificates are offered by the college. No distant learning is offered but the college has 35 workstations in libraries. Specific programs offered include health and clinical sciences, dental, medical, and pharmacy assistance, and nursing practical.


Admission is open for transfer students. However for all students high school and college transcripts, interview GPA of 2.5 are mandatory. High school diploma or GED may be required for some programs while successful completion of entrance is required for others. SAT and ACT scores are important.

Special Offers

The college offers combination of liberal arts and career. For details one can visit the university directory on the state university website.

Student Support

Platt College offers extensive student supports in form of extensive undergraduate evening and early morning classes, remedial instructions, and counseling. Such counseling is provided on employment, financial aid, freshman orientation, placement services, and special services for transfer students like pre-admission transcript evaluation. Services for students with disabilities are also provided.

Financial Aid

Platt College offers all financial aids extended by federal and state governments, local authorities and institutions and it has program participation agreement with US Department of Education for providing Pell Grants and other Federal Aids to eligible students. Besides these; scholarships and loans are also available.

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Platt College partners the community for creating workforce professionals. In addition the college provides extensive academic support services like extensive undergraduate evening and morning classes and career counseling. Students can share information on the college in the university directory on the state university website.

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