Samsung Galaxy Note, what makes it original?

Mar 29 15:13 2012 Laura Chesney Sheldon Print This Article

Samsung have a taste of being on top and now they want to stay there so with the unique new Samsung Galaxy note they are pulling out all of the stops.

Samsung like to go one step ahead with their phones and do things that no one else has done,Guest Posting and that is exactly what they did when they created the Samsung Galaxy Note. When it was first announced people did not really know what to think, but after its huge success it is clear Samsung knew exactly what they were doing when they announced this incredible mobile. 

Not quite a tablet but so much more than a mobile phones this Smartphone offers more than the one reason to be unique. To start it is larger than any regular mobile housing a huge 5.3 Inch HD Super AMOLED Touch screen, designed to give the most advanced and best viewing experience you can imagine. Multimedia files can be viewed with the clearest, most vivid quality and you really feel part of every video or film you watch, image you view and game you play. 

Not only with a one of kind screen this mobile also offer Advanced S Technology. With the help of the newest revolution to technology, the Advanced S Pen, interacting with your phone and data your experience just hit a whole new level. 

The Advanced Smart Pen lets you add personality to everything you do, writing notes to yourself like on a pen a paper but keep all of your notes in one place, add personalty to your favourite photos and add changes to those important work documents for adjustments later on in the day. Never forget something again and never forget something you have to change with the advanced Smart Pen, just make a note and get on with your day. 

The Advanced S Pen and the things it can do on this phone is something never seen before in mobiles so it certainly draws in the attention. Personalise messages to send to your closest friends and brighten their day, or add something of your own to your favourite photos and send them to people to bring them out of their dull work mood, the possibilities are endless and you can only know when you have the power of the S Pen. 

With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 closing in it will not be long before official specifications that the S3 offer will been announced. So the question is, what will the S3 offer? Will it to have a large screen like the Note, or will it be graced with Advanced Smart technology too? Only time will tell and until then people eagerly await its arrival. 

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