The Amazing World Of Cell Phones

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A cell phone is basically a mobile network phone which works with the help of batteries and network antennas and can be carried easily in the pocket of the user.

Cell phones,Guest Posting also commonly known as mobile phones, are electronic devices which are used for communication purposes. Voice or data is communicated through these cell phones over a network of stations. Cell phones have all the features of a general telephone and also have various specialized features.

History and Overview:

Cellular Network was initially proposed by Bell Labs in the year 1947. He was the first person to establish cellular network in the year 1970 in Chicago. After that Japan launched the first mobile phone service in the year 1978. With the advent of time, there has been tremendous improvement in the mobile phone technology and in the year 1996, mobile phone giant Nokia launched its first multi use smart phone Nokia communicator which had the facility of internet connectivity and email services.

Cell phone handsets:

Cell phone handsets are the devices which are used for communication purposes. There are a wide rang of handsets with varying features which are being produced by manufacturers worldwide. Currently, Nokia is holding the largest chunk of market share of cell phones and is regarded as world`s largest manufacturer of mobile phone handsets.

Other major names in the list of cell phone manufacturers include Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG etc. These cell phones work on rechargeable batteries which obtain power from electric current, solar, dynamo, car battery charger etc. Before using a handset it needs to be activated with a SIM card provided by a mobile phone service provider who will also allot a unique number for your phone.

Features of Cell Phones:

Apart from having almost all the features of a normal telephone the cell phone also has various other unique features which make them very useful in today`s busy life schedule. These features include music, mp3 player, in built high pixel still and movie camera, personal organizer functions, Internet connectivity with browsing and emailing facility, different ring tones both inbuilt and with a facility to download, blue tooth and infra red connectivity etc.

Cell phones are also able to receive and send faxes if it is connected to a computer. Apart from Short messaging service (SMS), Cell phones are also enabled to send pictures and videos through Multimedia messaging service (MMS).

Uses of Cell Phone:

Cell phones are now widely used by both civilians and government agencies. Government agencies use mobile phones extensively for law enforcement, military purposes, disaster management etc. In the usage of cell phones, you must be particular about maintaining the culture and customs.

It is not decent to use your mobile phone while sitting in an important meeting. It is desirable that you switch off your phone when in any funeral or libraries or cinema halls etc. Most schools and colleges have restricted the use of mobile phones in their premises.

Beliefs about health and environment hazards and safety concerns:

Several concerns regarding human health resulting as an impact of mobile phone usage has been raised from time to time. There have been dermatological concerns such as occurrence of rashes on ears and cheeks of the users, hearing problems in the ear, heart problems concern etc.

Environmental hazards such as electronic waste and safety hazards in usage of the cell phone have been of great concern. There has been an increase in accidents by drivers while talking on cell phones. Road accidents while using a cell phone are on an increase. High rise towers of the cellular networks are also a cause of concern to flying aircrafts and birds.

The tremendous benefits of connectivity in all locations wherever you are have outshined the disadvantages and health concerns of cell phone and the number of cell phone users is rising day by day.

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