Bandwidth Manager A Great Solution For Network Management

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Bandwidth manager is a great solution of the large traffic.

The most likely problem which can occur while running a large network setup in any business is the control of traffic in your network.  The control of traffic in a network to avoid traffic congestion and monitoring connections is known as bandwidth management. To handle the network pressures in an apposite way,Guest Posting it is very significant to select the most feasible mechanism for bandwidth management.  There are different bandwidth management mechanisms to control the traffic in a network. These mechanisms help to shape traffic, prevention of network overloading, rate control and schedule algorithms. One solution for controlling the network traffic is thought to be the increase in bandwidth, but actually that is an ineffective and costly solution.  Increasing the bandwidth is quite expensive, so you must adopt the methods which can utilize the bandwidth economically and optimally. 

If you are the owner of a business where you face the issues of network management, then you should look for the optimal methods to control network traffic and manage the bandwidth. A very practical and effective solution designed to resolve this issue is the utilization of bandwidth management software commonly known as bandwidth manager. Bandwidth management software uses different algorithms which assign bandwidth preference to the traffic and allocate more bandwidth to the high precedence traffic. This assignment helps in controlling the download and upload rate of a network. The bandwidth is managed at the server side and the hence the usage of bandwidth manager offers a qualitative management of traffic without the constraint of any special hardware.

Antamedia bandwidth manager is an excellent tool which serves as an application accelerator, a network load balancer, and a firewall with a real-time service delivery. Antamedia bandwidth manager has the ability to shape and control the traffic in an efficient manner. This bandwidth manager can help the ISPs and companies to provide satisfactory service to their customers and hence increase their business integrity. Further to this, the bandwidth management software can prove useful in the highly congested environment of net cafes by managing their bandwidth in an optimal manner. With the help of this software, you can also specify the speed for internet users and can set the data transfer package. Moreover, you can provide the time limit for data package usage. It also authenticates the users who have been provided with specific data packages.

Antamedia bandwidth manager provides many advanced features which makes it different from other bandwidth management softwares. Some of these features are the true bandwidth management by kilobyte, statistics report generation, timer settings, real time monitoring of clients, time-based and volume-based services and easy deployment with the need of only two network cards. 

Antamedia Bandwidth manager also allows you to generate SNMP, MRTG graphs using ip address of the users. Moreover, Packet Filtering allows you to control access to the unwanted websites. It has the capability of increasing the efficiency of your network. In short, antamedia bandwidth manager is the best way to reduce your costs and gives you a profitable business, as you will have more control over the bandwidth usage and your network.

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