Create a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk

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Do you want to create a Windows Vista password reset disk to help you crack forgotten Vista login password? Well, follow this article, and you will get the desired solution.

“Everyone help,Guest Posting please!!! Somehow I just forgot my Vista computer password after I had a vacation. I’ve searched for many resources on the Internet, and one way mostly mentioned is to use a Windows Vista password reset disk. But I just don’t have such one, how can I create one to fix my problem?”
Asked by Mark from Yahoo

If you have been completely locked from your Vista password, yes, using a Windows Vista password reset disk is the best option to help you rescue the locked computer. Theoretically, one needs to previously create such a disk before he forgot his Vista login password. But for most computer users just like Mark, they actually don’t have created such a disk until they realize their password has been already lost or forgotten. Then is it still possible to create Windows Vista password reset disk to crack or reset the forgotten Vista login password?

Of course, it’s possible! First choose a professional Windows Vista password reset tool which allows you to burn a CD, DVD or USB flash drive into a bootable Vista password reset disk and next you can then use the disk to boot your computer and reset the forgotten password.

Well, speaking of this, I personally think Windows Password Recovery Enhance can be a nice option. Now, you can get this tool here: Next quickly download and install it on your computer, then let’s move on!
(Note: The computer should be accessible.)

Steps on creating a Windows Vista password reset disk with Windows Password Recovery Enhance.
Step1: After launching the program, please insert an empty and writable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the accessible computer.
Step2: Now, you can see such an interface as below. Now follow the wizard on the interface to create disk step by step. First select your device CD/DVD or USB. Then click “CD/DVD” or “USB Flash Drive” option. In the end, just click “Burn” to start creating Windows Vista password reset disk. Once the burning process finishes, just take out your device from the PC.

Guides on using the created Windows Vista password reset disk to rescue locked computer.
1. Access your locked computer with the burned disk.
Now insert the burned disk into the locked computer and start it. When the system starts, continuously press some certain keys such as F12, Del, and F2 etc. to get into BIOS Device Menu. Next select 1st Boot Device to CD-ROM/USB, and then press F10 to save setting. For details on how to make such settings in BIOS, you can refer here:

2. Crack forgotten Vista password with the disk.
Now, when the PC reboots, a new interface will occur, just see as below. This means you are under the pre-installation system environment of Windows Password Recovery Enhance now. Next, you just follow the wizard to select Windows Installation first, then select the user account whose password you’ve forgotten, after that click “Next” to start cracking password.

In less than 40 or 50 seconds, you will be reminded “You have reset the password successfully”. Next you just need to reboot your PC and then log in without password. That’s for my sharing on how to create Windows Vista password reset disk and how to use this disk to crack forgotten Vista login password.


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