Flip video converter give a way to edit flip video on windows

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Doremisoft Flip Converter is also an excellent easy flip video editing software to crop flip video, trim flip video length and edit flip video effects by copping flip video, trimming flip video length and edit flip video effects

Have you ever want to edit your flip video with your PC? Do you know how to easily edit flip video on Windows? When it comes to video cameras,Guest Posting flip camcorders are the must-mention because these easy and inexpensive camcorders are getting very popular among young and old people who want to easily take videos on the fly, even for kids. However, since flip video camcorders focus on the easy-of-use feature, it does not really let you edit your flip videos. Therefore, you will need a flip video editor to edit flip videos. Doremisoft Flip Video is not only the prefect flip video converter, it is also a great flip video editing tool to easily edit flip video.

Doremisoft Flip Converter is an excellent flip camcorder converter to convert flip to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Apple TV etc., convert flip HD and flip video to mp4, avi, 3gp, 3g2, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, flv, swf, wmv, dv, mov, m4v, mkv etc. with easy flip video editing functions and high output quality.

Before you convert your flip videos to the formats you want, you can use this application to do some editing to your flip videos simply by following the steps below:

Step 1: Import flip videos to Doremisoft Flip Converter

Click the "Add File" button to find the flip videos you want to edit from your hard drive and add them to Diremisoft Flip Converter.

Step 2: Trim flip video length

If you have taken long videos and you just want a part from it. You can click on the "Clip" button to trim flip video length by dragging the start slider and end slider to set the start and finish of the flip video clip you want. There are three ways you can do the trimming as shown below:

Step 3: Edit flip video effects

Click on the Edit button to open the Edit window, it will go to the Edit tab by default. And you can drag the sliders to edit flip video brightness, contract and saturation, and also select a special effect from Gray, Emboss and Old film to apply to your flip video. Doremisoft Flip Converter come with two screens so you can instantly preview what the final video will look like.

Step 4: Crop flip video

Click on the "Crop" tab and you can start to crop flip video. This cropping feature is to let you zoom in the part of the video screen you want or remove redundant sides from your flip video. From the preview screen on the left, you can see a green crop frame. You can just drag each of the four sides of the frame to do the cropping.

Step 5: Now you can select the formats you prefer and then convert your flip videos.

Click here to see the guide on how to convert flip video with Doremisoft Flip Converter.

Click here to see the detailed information of Doremisfot Flip Converter.

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