How to improve your Webmail service?

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Webmail service is used by most of the people for exchanging information through emails. Enhance Internet cache size, clear cookies and close background services to enhance the speed of your computer.    

Internet is a boon for everyone but sometime it becomes bane for you due to its slumberous speed. Most of the people in this world rely on internet to fulfill their needs. Internet is a well designed service which renders information on every subject. Now a day’s internet is used by every segment of age group. Everybody use internet for their own purpose but sending mails is the most common one. Through webmail’s service like Gmail,Guest Posting Yahoo, Outlook etc everyone exchange mails and remain connected with each other. In this article I will let you know about some common ways through which you can enhance your computer speed while using webmail service on a slow computer.  

Ways to Improve speed of your Webmail service:

·         It is a good practice to compress multiple files while sending mails. File Compression reduce space acquired in your email box as well as time required for sending those emails.

·         If you want to send an email to multiple people then sending it to one by one individually is waste of time. For your ease you can make a contact group of recipients and could send them in a single click. This will save your precious time as well as efforts.

·         You can also enhance your internet speed by increasing internet cache. By changing internet settings you can enhance the size of internet cache. When the internet cache is full then your computer speed will decrease and it will not support new web pages requested by the user. By the following procedure:

1.      Open Internet Explorer then on the Tools menu. Select Internet Options.

2.      Click on the General Tab and in the Browsing History section select Settings.

3.      At the bottom of page you can configure the amount of space allotted for internet cache. It is recommended to use 250 Mb of space but according to your need you can go beyond and allot a maximum of 1 GB or 1024 Mb.

·         You can abbreviate the size of your email by using email signature. It is appended at the bottom of your emails. Now a day’s people used to have animated digital email signature. It usually contains name, contact, and web address of the concerned person.

·          It is always recommended to clear all the cookies, browser history, and temporary information from the system folder. They all are used to save the temporary information about your credentials and the concerned website you visited.

·         Close the background services which are consuming speed of your computer. You can close them by accessing them through “Task manger”. For opening Task manager you can use Alt + Ctrl + Del key and close the unnecessary task.

So by adopting these measures you can enhance speed of your internet. You can use also use computer maintenance tools to enhance the speed and performance of computer setup. If you want any suggestion for upgrading your PC or computer repair then you can contact 1-855-352-1816 or visit site

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