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Improve the daily operations in your business by using Electronic Point of Sales or EPOS system. Designed to assist in your day-to-day store procedure, EPOS will give you an accurate recording of all the sales transactions that are made.

EPOS Systems is what you call to the technology that processes the exact recording of any sale transactions made in a business. The EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale system is normally used to itemize all the sales made in a retail store or in any kind of business that serves the customers like café,Guest Posting department store and hospitality establishments like hotels.

It is beneficial to the sense that it makes the daily operations in the business far easier than working without an EPOS system.

Basically, the EPOS systems are just made up of a standard PC and Visual Display Unit. It may include other equipments, depending on the specific needs of a particular business.

Some may require additional like: Cash draw -- the compartment below the register where the cash from sales made are being kept; Chip and Pin – for the credit and debit cards mode of payment; Customer display – for customer’s viewing of the items purchased; Tablet – mostly used in clubs, bars and restaurants where customers can place orders through the tablet and have it delivered straightly to the bar or kitchen; Weighing scales – to easily give the  amount corresponding to the items that are sold per its weight; Scanner – to skim through the items with barcode system.

Aside from assisting in the transactions and giving accurate computation of all the items being sold to the customers, EPOS systems store all the necessary sales information. It automatically adjust the list of stocks for every transactions made, thereby, keep a precise monitoring of the items that are need to be re-ordered for the replenishment of the items that are already sold. 

With accurate monitoring of the items, the out of stock are being tracked and the stock holdings are being reduced. By having knowledge of the poor selling stocks, the business owners initiate actions that will make them get rid of the stock holdings like putting it on sales or posting it online for some deals. The system helps the owners identifies which are the top seller stuffs and which are the poor ones.

With the accurate record provided by the system, it becomes easier to decide for necessary actions like stop the ordering or manufacturing of the poor stuffs or improve the quality of the poor selling products to make it sell on the public.

EPOS systems also improve the operational procedure by providing sales mix and profit margins. With all the sales information stored in the system, EPOS gets to work with VAT and ledgers as well. Plus, it relieves the staff from pricing all the items which is quiet prone to human mistake. With EPOS systems on full support, items are priced aptly through the barcode system.

The personnel will just type some code or use a scanner to skim through the barcode attached on the products, and then the system will process it and charge the customers with the approriate price. All transactions are carefully tracked, thus making it easier to detect any events of stealing from the store.

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