Judicious Usage of Bandwidth – Bandwidth Manager Software Must in Network

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The sudden increase in the demand of bandwidth usage has led to network congestion and network clogging. This article explains how service providers can easily find a right solution to manage their bandwidth and bill the customers as per their usage. There are several solutions in the market which offer billing of cached as well as non-cached data facilities for service providers.

Bandwidth is nothing but the amount of data passing through a specific period of time from one network to another network. Few years ago,Guest Posting Internet was mere a communication mode, but today its purpose and meaning is changing. The current generation cannot imagine their life without Internet. But at the same time, it should be realized that bandwidth is a costly and limited resource to be wasted in P2P, video streaming, online shopping and social networking sites. With increasing population of internet users the bandwidth demand is also increasing and the networks are getting clogged due to heavy requests which are unmanaged properly. That is where bandwidth management software comes into the picture.If there is no proper allocation of bandwidth in large corporate and business houses then IT admin can never restrict the misuse of bandwidth in the organization. The bandwidth cost of the company will increase, insufficient bandwidth for everyone, network clogging, virus and malware attacks, system crashes, less productivity - in all leading to total loss of the company. As per the statistics in 2012 by several research companies, it is observed that companies that don't use a bandwidth manager, wastes 30-40% of bandwidth.Bandwidth managers are specifically designed to manage your bandwidth consumption effectively. It helps you to define minimum and maximum bandwidth limit for each user in the network by which the user is restricted to the defined amount of bandwidth and high consumption is avoided. One can also define the upload and download limit of the data to be allowed for each user. Bandwidth managers also known as bandwidth controller acts as a gateway by which entire user requests pass through it. This avoids delay in serving requests or network clogging.Thanks to products like bandwidth management solution which actually helps in controlling and managing your bandwidth efficiently. It allows you allocated defined amount of upload and the download speed ensuring the whole network is performing in smoother manner. It also allows you to monitor the amount consumed by each user in the network and take immediate actions. Bandwidth limiting techniques in bandwidth management solution are unique and advanced which helps you save your bandwidth costs. It also provides you complete details of the sites, URLs and downloads that any user in the network has done. Extensive reporting and detailed information of user activities with bandwidth graphs gives in-depth details.The solution is widely used at educational universities, schools, hotels, hotspots, internet service providers, corporate, real estates and many more places. It is one of the leading solution in the market which has range of models which can be used by small to medium to large networks in Wi-Fi, Wired or WiMAX networks.

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