Peachtree Online: A True Business Management Solution for SMB’s

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Sage peachtree online accounting makes it of most usage in Hosted environment. Access Sage online Accounting in a multiuser environment collaborate from anywhere in the word.


Peachtree is now Sage 50 which is small and medium enterprise management software. The software is perfect for businesses with small sized trading and commerce management while it eventually manages start-ups and medium firms as well. Peachtree has loads of features and advantages to meet the commerce needs of a company. Peachtree was acquired and renamed as Sage 50 but the functionality of the application remains the same while the new system has more enhanced features and better functionality of the application. It operates for any kind of business domain to allow them manage their company trades so any company can consider to manage their enterprise.

Peachtree has all the modules of accounting solution to operate the company commerce such as payroll,Guest Posting payment, VAT, manufacturing, reporting and CRM. All new upgrade to this software is automatically loaded to the client system. Peachtree is simple and easy application to learn and get the system knowledge. Peachtree software is available as 30 day free trial learning of the software. Users can install the free version of the software to learn unlimited and when the learning is over they can look for other means such as webinars running live and recorded along with tutorials, video portals and tutorials which have the same functionality.

When the application knowledge is over, customers can purchase a Peachtree software license from Sage along with the discounts to save some cash. The discount option is for new customers only and they also get free technical expert advice. Peachtree software can integrate with any application software like as MAC, Linux, UNIX and Microsoft products to easily access data and files. The feature makes the business processing automated and reduces the manual task of the professionals. Customers must declare the number of user license required to access the application and henceforth clients can get the user license. The authorized users can access the system on any device and work in sync with other users on any hosting system desktop or cloud. Peachtree online makes multiple users of the firm to collaborate on the same graphical user interface application system. Peachtree on cloud is web hosting on the cloud servers while desktop hosting is in-house hosted application system.

Peachtree online on cloud servers is accessible to authorized users only on a secure server. The data hosted on cloud are encrypted which means only users have access to read and access not even hosting providers online can authorize. Cloud hosting is secure and easy to access on any device of user choice. All valid users of cloud have freedom of access, freedom of device and freedom to work anytime anywhere. Cloud hosting of Peachtree online is affordable web hosted accounting solution to customers.

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