Productivity Tips for Web Developers And Mobile App Developers

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Building a mobile application is a long process. It takes about 18 weeks of consistent work to roll out a fully functional app from the scratch.

This means that a lot of this time is spent on planning and decision making and the app developers are left with limited time and under constant pressure from the management to meet the deadlines. A complete error free mobile app involves building,Guest Posting testing and iterating this until the satisfactory results are achieved. Hence, every second is counted valuable and there is no time to waste.

Here we discuss some of the productivity tips which can be followed by mobile and web app developers.

Do Not Repeat

Do not repeat is the motto in coding for quite some time now. Concepts of Object Oriented Programming allows code reusability which saves significant amount of work time. Hence, make sure your classes and functions are not repeated and they can be reused elsewhere in your app/web app.

Furthermore this concept is useful in any place irrespective of our work domain, as most of us do repetitive work every day in our own work place. This can range from replying emails to professional documenting. Keeping a readymade template for such tasks can save a lot of time.

Picking The Right Tools

Pick the right tools for your development. Many developers are loyal to different development tools based on their personal preferences. A good tool can significantly improve a developer’s productivity and efficiency. Popular tools for web developers like WordPress are very easy to use thus taking away a lot of work burden from the developer. Programming IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse support mobile application development in most programming languages and HTML.

Work in Sprints

Working in shorter sprints increases productivity. Work can be split into shorter modules and each can be completed individually and later integrated. This allows you to measure your work and also allot time for each module without over working on any. This will also increase the focus of work as only one task is done at a time.

Productivity management tools like Jira and Trello are commonly used in bigger organizations for similar purposes.

Manage Distractions

Distractions at work place can significantly affect your productivity. These can be a friendly colleague or even a cluttered desktop. Manage your desktop notifications and email and allot a time schedule for everything, a time for work, a time to email, and a time for chat and coffee. Closing unnecessary applications, maintaining a clean desktop and work environment helps you to focus better.

Communicate and Organize

Always keep up with the developments in your project with your co-workers. This will avoid unnecessary works and lets you organize tasks in a better manner. The last thing you want is two people working on the same thing without knowing. Such common mistakes can be reduced with constant interaction with the team mates. Professional platforms like Confluence organizes work and allows discussion with team members. Other tools like Skype can be used specifically for internal communication and DropBox for file storage.

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