Server Disaster Recovery: Minimizing Your Recovery Time

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Your recovery time, which also is known as downtime to some, is the amount of time your systems are offline when a disaster occurs. Your job as an IT professional is to ensure maximum business continuity, so you want to make every possible effort to minimize recovery time. Having the right server disaster recovery tools on hand during a disaster is critical if you want to truly minimize your recovery time and get those systems up and running fast again.

When you hear the word “disaster” in terms of your systems,Guest Posting you may think about things like a hardware failure or a system crash. These and other disasters can absolutely cause a full system break, and other catastrophes that can affect your system on this large scale include natural disasters such as flooding and fires, viruses, theft, and more. There are other smaller scale disasters that can occur, too, and this may include the intentional or even accidental deletion of a single file or folder. All of these things could cause data loss as well as downtime to your organization, so you need to have a speedy server disaster recovery system in place.

As you explore server disaster recovery tools, you will want to keep in mind that getting the system up and running again with all files, folders, and applications fully restored in a short time frame is critical. Server disaster recovery solutions can take just a few minutes to do a restore function, but some can take hours. As an IT professional, paying attention to the features in your solution that will hasten or delay your recovery process is critical. Consider things like whether the solution allows for virtual storage of your backed-up images, granular as well as full restore processes, and more.

One of the biggest factors that can delay your recovery time is using a recovery solution that has a difficult management interface. You will want to make sure that whichever solution you are currently running is completely easy to use for all recovery features and operations. It would be of tremendous benefit to you to look at some of the latest products and solutions on the market today to see how upgrading to a new and improved solution may speed up your recovery time. Many of the latest products on the market provide a very easy-to-use interface in order to offer the fastest recovery time possible.

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