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There are a number of website design companies in India. With more number of available web designers and professional solution providers, more number of designing myths have been developed and propagated by non genuine professionals who lack the knowledge and expertise to have any say in such technical matters.

A web design company’s aim is to create the most efficient and attractive website that can appeal to visitors and encourage them to do some activity. The task of designing is not a cakewalk,Guest Posting it requires a lot of effort and hard work on the part of the web designer, but it is also true that some spurious myths complicate the whole task to another level.

A good website design company negates all the useless myths regarding web designing which are just outdated or misinterpretations of the actual facts.

There is a misconception regarding the time a user spends on a website. Most people are of the opinion that an average user spends only 3 seconds on a page to decide whether he should stay there or switch to some other website. However, experts hold a different view. According to the experts, modern users are more relaxed and in less hurry, they do spend time on the page to find stuff that can be of any interest to them. It is a different thing if you just leave the first page blank or overly simple without much information; then the viewer would obviously lose interest and move on to a different website. The point is, you do not need to over-do anything in the above the fold section. Use the whole page to feature informative content and attractive graphics, the viewer is in no rush and would definitely scroll down and you will be able to seize attention.

It is also not advisable, at the same time, to use too many graphics. It is true that graphics enhance the look of the website but we cannot ignore the fact that they take too long to load too. We believe that the visitors are more patient and relaxed but we sure do not want to check their patience. Use moderate amount of graphics so that the website does not take too long to load.

A web designer also needs to realize that the myth regarding website navigation is completely ludicrous and needs no attention. It is popularly believed that a webpage should not be further than 3 clicks away from the home page. With increasing technology and complexity of the IT world, people are well aware of the complicated internet environment. So, disregard this foolish principle and design your website just the way you want.

Website design companies in India are growing at an accelerating rate. Make sure your designer’s mind is free from all such myths and misconceptions or you run the risk of losing many viewers.

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