The Ultimate Guide to Buying a 17 Inch Laptop

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If you want to purchase a 17-inch laptop, you should make use of this simple guide. Know your needs and requirements to find the best deal in the market.

Laptops are highly in demand these days. If you’re interested in purchasing a 17-inch laptop,Guest Posting you have to make use of an ultimate guide to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

The 17-inch laptops are also known as desktop replacement gadgets. It has a bigger screen than other conventional notebooks in the market. With this, you can open two windows or you can also watch videos in high definition! The cheapest laptop under this category is priced around $799 but if you want a device that has all the modern features, you will need to pay around $1,200.

Since the laptops have bigger screens, owners don’t usually travel with these notebooks. Oftentimes, the device stays at home or in the office, and if moved from one room to another. Its portable nature is just an add-on or convenient feature but is not considered a necessity.

Most of today’s offices make use of 17-inch laptops to save space and at the same time get the best performance level that is similar to that of desktops. This is also suitable for individuals living in smaller quarters or rooms. The good news is that you can use this laptop for multiple purposes like audio system, TV, and PC.

A Simple Buying Guide for 17 inch Laptop

When getting the desktop replacements, there are some features that you can expect. For instance, the processor can be a Core 2 Duo or Quad CPU. Don’t worry about the life of the battery because this is not an issue with the 17-inch models. The display is large enough and it can provide resolutions from 1366 x 768 to 1900 x 1200. The keyboard is also larger and it has a numeric keypad as well. It is possible to make use of two hard drives although the least you can expect is 320GB. You can expect more storage capacity if you get the high end brands and models.

When it comes to graphics, you can be sure that the desktop replacements can offer 512MB at the minimum and it can provide discrete graphics. Portability is not a very important feature and most batteries can only last for three hours. When buying the 17-inch laptop, you will have to consider its use. So, how do you plan to use the laptop?

If you’re going to use it for work, it’s best if you get a ratio of 16:10. This will allow you to scroll less just in case you’re opening and reading documents. For those who use their laptops for HD movies, you can opt for the 16:9 ratios. Don’t hesitate to pay a higher price for the HD options. It’s better to get a setup that includes strong speakers, 1080p resolution, and Blu-ray drive. Having a large drive space is also ideal if you plan to use the laptop as a multimedia hub. If you love games, you have to get high end GPU solutions.

You have to follow this simple guide if you want to get the best 17-inch laptop in the market.

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