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Photoshop Plugs-in are very helpful to save you time and effort in photo retouching tasks like clipping path, background removal, and image color correction. As a graphic designer, you would like to perform photo-post processing prominently to meet the clients’ requirements and achieve their satisfaction but without some third party plugs-in you can’t imagine so. That’s why; using the right plug-in for the right task is a wise act. This article tells you what the perfect plugs-in for image background removal.

Every experienced photographer and graphic designer knows well how much the uses of the plug-in are important for photo retouching. To make sure that your final product is worth having the time and effort,Guest Posting you’ll have to invest in photo retouching software as well as plug-ins designed to make work easier and comfortable. Photo retouching tasks specially clipping paths and background removal are very subtle, and you’ll need to invest in background remover for your tasks.

You need to be sure that you don’t finish up with additional parts of original images or missing chunks from the clipped photo. Here we’ve listed the 5 important Photoshop plugs-in that you can’t deny any way to speed up your workflow and make your retouching tasks cooler.


EZ Green Screen 6

For the real extractions and crisp edges of photos, EZ Green Screen 6 is undoubtedly one of the greatest Photoshop plugs-in you've ever tried and utilized for background removal tasks. This plug-in uses Chroma Key Software that is very helpful for clearing color spills around photo edges and removing hues & shadows around the image that may make it look unnatural when embedded in a new background.

Apart from the background removal, this plug-in also helps you to adjust contrast and lighting balance on the foreground and background of the image. The great advantage of using this plug-in is it ensures the real definition of the image and blending of the background for the professional and natural look and view.  

Mask Pro

For removing unwanted background and backdrops, Mask Pro is the supreme Photoshop plug-in as if it were an unexploited gold mine. It permits you to perform removal of background and another blending with images for wonderful photo retouching. Removing background is performed through a process called decontamination and the clipping path is done in a nice and detailed way.

This plug-in also offers other features that meet your photo retouching needs you face, including the ability to create selections, masks and clipping paths on tough subjects like hair, fur, glass, and fog. But unfortunately, the updated version of this plug-in is stopped and an old user can use it if it is installed on his/her PC though visiting On1 Photo website.


As far as Photoshop plugs-in are concerned, Snapheal is one of the greatest tools to remove unwanted objects, blemishes from images. This plug-in is also very helpful to clean up the background from a scenic shot and you can perform this task in three steps. Open your photo in Photoshop, remove unnecessary background or objects and enhance your photo.

Topaz ReMask

This Photoshop plug-in works better than the plug-in mentioned above by offering outstanding background removal features and highlighting the original image. Topaz ReMask allows you to remove unwanted image background through a creation of good masks that seems to you time-consuming, tedious and complex. Its uniqueness goes with the templates on the screen that indicates the progress of your work and this feature has made it distinguished from Photoshop plug-in in the market.

The templates include the main image, a mask image and a tri-map image approving you to justify where you need to make changes.

Fluid Mask

Now, Fluid Mask ends up the list of 5 top Photoshop plugs-in for image background removal. It’s one of the best photo cutout applications developed by Vertus Tech on the market and proved to be the most effective tool to remove objects from their backgrounds.

While you’re performing photo editing tasks with curves and tricky lines, this plug-in will be a great tool for photo manipulation. It’s very easy to operate this software and work with, and it’ll save you time and effort a lot. With the automatic analysis of color, textures, and gradients, this tool manipulates images in the way human eyes and brain capture perfectly.

These outstanding features of this tool have made it one of the most popular plugs-in with graphic designers who would like to get images done quickly without compromising the quality.


Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned Photoshop plugs-in will speed up your workflow whether you’re a professional graphic designer or a photographer who captures photos only for the hobby. Each of these plugs-in has something special to offer you besides background removal opportunity. Therefore, using one of them will help you gain a lot about photo retouching.




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