10 Steps You Can Use to Get Ex Back Together

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It is possible to get back together with your ex girlfriend. Your chances improve if you follow these 10 steps outlined in this easy to follow article.

Do you find yourself missing your ex? Get back together is possible. You just have to know how to do it and these 10 steps are here to help with just that.Every girl wants a guy she can connect with and who understands her.  There are some rules you need to abide by for pursuing a girl after a break up.  I will try my best to explain them in this article about how to deal with your ex.  Get back together with her using these 10 techniques described.1.)    Do not be afraid to call her. By no means show any desperation here and do not call 10 times per day. But perhaps phoning once or twice a week,Guest Posting especially after she has initiated contact with you, keeps you on her radar.2.)    Similarly, it is Ok to send her an email from time to time. You can do that with anyone, right? Just saying "what’s up?" gives her the opportunity to reconnect. Again, show no desperation or unhealed emotions.3.)    You do not want to date other girls, per se. This does not rule out a little flirting, though.  As long as a relationship with her is your real goal, be true to her. Definitely do not sleep around if you ever want to get back together with your ex.  Get back together without creating a new "history" with other women, that will not do you or your desired relationship any good.4.)    Remember her birthday.  A birthday is a great "excuse" to get back in touch.  Everyone likes to be remembered, celebrated, and even gifted on their birthday, even by an acquaintance. This can help calm her emotions some.  So, treat her like a princess on this day, but do not overdue it either. Stay cool.5.)    Take the time to reanalyze her.  Figure out what she is looking for in a man.  Be aware of what she says and does when she talks.  You maybe did not understand her too well before and that is why she is now your ex! You need to understand your ex now more than ever before.  6.)    Do not show any jealousy; preferably because you are not jealous.  After you have broken up, you do not have any claim on her, so do not act like it if she is with another guy at some point. Remember that she is your ex. Get back together means that you have to understand the status of the relationship right now.7.)    Be observant as to how she acts when with or around other guys.  If she would happen to stand up for you when other guys put you down, that would be a good sign she is still interested in you.  But, if she grabs the biggest knife she can find and stabs you in the back, then there is not much hope of getting back into a healthy, happy relationship.8.)    Do not be a game player.  When you have broken up with someone you love, you might find it easy to start playing "head games".  But, you can damage her for life with this kind of behavior and not endear her to you.  Why would you want to hurt her if you want to get back together? So do not lower yourself to that type of counter productive behavior.9.)    Power is important. Play your cards close to your vest as they say.  Relationships are difficult and no one does them perfectly.  When you are together, you can communicate, but apart, you need to keep your feelings pretty much to yourself.  When you say "I love you" to a girl you have broken up with and is now your ex, you just gave away all power and control to her and she has then got you in a rather precarious, undesirable for you, position.10.)    Be a desirable guy.  All throughout the break up, make sure you either stay in shape or get back into shape - even if for the first time in your life!  Perhaps expand your interests.  In short, be the boyfriend she wants to have.  You already have a history, maybe good and maybe not so good. If you are even more alluring this time around, then she is much more likely to want you back.It is possible to reconcile with your ex.  Get back together using not only the advice in this article, but continue reading relationship help on get ex back together.There is much more advice to offer that would go beyond this one article. You improve your chances of getting her back by reading more at http://www.RelationshipAdviceHelp.com.

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