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Blouses, tunics, and shirts are the staples in every woman’s wardrobe and should be something that will always be trendy, defying timelessness. Women’s tops don’t have to be boring, it should be something that can depict the personality and style of the lady wearing it without so much effort. 

Women’s tops don’t have to be boring,Guest Posting it should be something that can depict the personality and style of the lady wearing it without so much effort. Blouses, tunics, and shirts are the staples in every woman’s wardrobe and should be something that will always be trendy, defying timelessness. Of course, we want something that will always be trendy, no matter the season and year. Shopping shouldn’t be so hard when it comes to tops, if you want something that exudes sheer simplicity and sophistication at a reasonable price then you can get them from Equipment Apparel. Equipment apparel have wonderful tops to choose from that will never go out of style.The color of equipment apparel tops are always vibrant and always match the elegance of women. You can get colors in hibiscus, in a beautiful aqua marine or a top that combines white, nude, and Chinese red elegantly.AVAThis top design is an interesting mix of bright white and Turkish tile color, the color is fresh. It is a comfortable loose top that flows, giving a relaxed and cool look. This top is most beautifully worn in a casual way with shorts and a pair of flat sandals in colors of white or cream.The AVA comes in aqua marine, and doe/Chinese red combination.BaileyThis style of shirt is probably one of the feminine ones. It is also comfortable but not as flowy as AVA. The fit is just fine and is not tight, giving the body a little bit of space but remains to show the silhouette of the woman. It has a subtle pattern making it elegant and interesting. Matching it with a pair of pleated pants and a pair of flats is great, but you can also wear it with a pair of shorts if the weather is a bit warmer and in order to look more casual.Available in aquamarine, cedar, and tapioca.BrettThe Brett design is the most popular design that comes in several solid colors, prints, and patterns. Its solid colors can be worn in special occasion and also casual occasions. It is simple and is also very versatile. Solid colors are dusty pink, orchid, nude, ocean, shadow lime, rose, orange peel, apricot, berry, citronelle, dark indigo, bright white, hot pink, insignia, and so much more.Solid colors are suggested if you want a more androgynous look.The prints are also interesting as most of them have detailed prints of patters in small dots that runs across the fabric. There are small flower prints while there are prints that a more recognized flowers that ran across the fabric. Flower printed Brett tops are for women who want a more feminine look that feels comfortable and gives an air of casual sophistication. There are more prints available than just flowers, you can check out their selection if you wish.CapriThis style is for the laid-back lady who wants to just chill. Perfect for casual occasion, the buttons here don’t run completely to end of the shirt. It ends in the middle and has a small pocket on its left breast. This is a simple design that can be given a little bit of trend by adding accessories, you accessories will also put your personality in it so don’t be afraid to wear them with this kind of shirt.It is available in colors of nature white, Baltic blue, and ice blue.For the perfect casual look, match it with pleated shorts, a pair of flat sandals showing your delicate toes.DaddyThis style is a take on the boyfriend shirt or the daddy shirt. An oversized shirt that will definitely give comfort, despite its size seeming large it can make a lady look sexy and appealing as she just woke up after a wonderful night of dreaming. You can style yourself with shirt by matching it with high-waisted pleated slacks and a pair of pumps, such look is a classic one that can go beyond time. The shirt is available in nature white multi, golden poppy multi, steel blue mutli, and black multi.DelphineThis is a formal and feminine style of shirt that can be worn at work and in formal events. The colors are bright and beautiful, depicting a woman of confidence and self-assurance. It is available without the sleeves and in long sleeves. Take the color of bright white for formal and business occasions while the steel blue sleeveless one and the tapioca can be left for casual events. Dark slacks or pencil skirts are great to be matched here for a powerful business attire for the bright white Dephine while the other two colors are fine with shorts and skirts for a cool and trendy look. Equipment apparel clothing is always comfortable, therefore it is popular to women and they love wearing it. Shop at equipment apparel for a wonderful and comfortable top you should have in your wardrobe.

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