What To Do To Make My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Again - Answer

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Here are techniques on what you can do to make an ex boyfriend love you again. Even more,Guest Posting you can make him fantasize about you and fall madly in love with you again; more on that at the last paragraph of the article. Meanwhile let’s start with the basics.


When your boyfriend starts acting cool and disinterested, you may have the tendency to panic. You start trying to show him how much he means to you, but he pulls farther away. That should tell you that you are using the wrong tactic. Perhaps you are doing what your girl friends have suggested or something you read online or in a magazine. But, your problem is personal because you are the one who is losing or has already lost your boyfriend.


When a boyfriend starts pulling away, it could be a case of him thinking he doesn't love you anymore. Men can become easily bored and start taking their girlfriend for granted. That is when you have to teach your ex boyfriend to love you again. Showing him how much you love him won't work because he is already sure of your love. That gives him the confidence to put you on hold for awhile and go out on his own.


As long as you keep feeding his confidence by telling him that you can't live without him, he will keep playing around and avoiding you. So, what can you do to start pulling your ex back? First of all you can't appear to be upset or angry about the breakup and say or do something you will later regret. Instead you have to show him that you are mature and have the strength to lead a life without him.


If you happen to run into him, treat him as you would an old friend. Be cheerful and say something to make him laugh. Men like to be around happy people and the more you can show him you are okay with the breakup the sooner you will have him back. Look at how things were when you met your ex. He had his life and you had yours. You were both probably happy, but something about you attracted him.


What attracted your ex boyfriend to you was not your raving that you loved him and couldn't live without him. You played a little hard to get and he realized that he wanted to see more of you. In other words, your ex boyfriend did the pursuing and in the process you showed him why he should fall in love with you. You are in that same position again. He is living his life, but you are not living yours.


You feel that you can't live without him, however to get your ex boyfriend back, you have to show him he can't live without you. The only way you can do that is the way you did at the start. It always amazes me why women don't use what they know works. The fact that the two of you have had a relationship is probably what causes you to think that things are different now. But you taught him to love you once and you can do it again.


In fact you have the advantage of his memories of the good times with you and if you give him the time, he will long to have those times back.


Show him you can be his friend without pushing your love at him. Act the way you did when you first met him. If you can make him realize what he has lost, your ex boyfriend will learn to love you again.

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