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The fact that 97% network marketers in the network marketing industry fail is a sad reality.The singlemost reason for this startling failure in the network marketing industry is the practise of old traditional sales strategies.So how to ensure that your network marketing business does'nt meet the same fate. Hence I share with you the exact blueprint of my network marketing success that happened in just a few days. Sounds Unbelievable...Read on!

Most of the network marketing businesses fail within the first six months itself. Take it or leave it,Guest Posting but this is is hard fact of the network marketing /mlm industry today.Yet there is hope. Yes you heard it right, there is hope, since the network marketing industry is witnessing a major change. You too can be part of this success story. Most likely you are not even aware of what is it that is required to change the fate of your online network marketing business.

Trust me for what I say, it is possible to witness real success in your internet network marketing business, in a matter of few weeks or at the most, a couple of months, irrespective of the mlm or network marketing company you represent or the product or service that you promote.

And hence what you as an internet network marketer needs to do upfront is to focus, rather focus intensely. The only thing that I am assuming here is that being a network marketer, you are already aware of what you need to promote. Ponder, deliberate & cluster all the thinking capabilities of your grey cells to these three utmost important components: "WHAT to do" ? "HOW to do"? & "WHEN to do" ? Don't underestimate the power of these seemingly simple & generic looking questions. In fact they are the back bone what is the secret of real success of network marketing on the internet. To enable you grasp the essence of this discussion, let's scrutinize the end results that we are trying to attain by dissecting these three vital questions. The 'WHAT' considers a complete checklist of all possible marketing / advertising resources including websites to promote your network marketing or mlm product, service or opportunity. It broadens up your horizons to include every little effective marketing strategy that could enhance your reach to more and more targeted leads, customers etc. that in fact would prove to be the marketplace where you plan to market your business/ product.

To site an example, you may come across several e-books preaching you to use social marketing strategies to enhance your internet reach and sales. But how many social marketing sites do you know about and then do you know, which ones of these are effective and which ones are a sheer waste of time.

The 'WHAT' essentially is the guideline of the business plan that you need to draw to be able to succeed. Have you made that? Most likely, the answer would be negative and even in the remote eventuality that you do know about it, it would be very broad & generic, not customised and fine tuned to your particular business. Most likely, you don't know much. No problem, there is a solution to it.

Next the 'HOW TO' deals with the real actionables that you need to carry out to be able to use these sites and strategies for your business. Carrying the example further, do you know how to build a profile on a particular social marketing site like Facebook or My Space or Zenzuu?

Next as a beginner, do you know how to add friends or how to ensure that the visitors to your facebook profile do visit your blog or how to convert your facebook friends in to your customers? The 'HOW' in fact is the most important aspect of the three questions, since it is the one that enables you to implement what you know or have learned, in to your network marketing business.

The last one or the - WHEN TO' deals with the timing for each action. Continuing the above instance further, are you aware of the particular social marketing site that you should start with, when you are just a new beginner and which site should you move on to, when you have created a presence for yourself.

And then, when is the right time when all your content pieces should be linked to each other thru appropriate anchor texts that would boost up your site on the search engines, thanks to correct linkages for appropriate keywords. All this can be replicated in your network marketing business too, provided you know 'WHEN TO'.

Needless to mention, knowing these three vital aspects clearly and distinctly will save you on a lot of time, energy & money that you would have otherwise wasted experimenting on your own.

Well to be able to do this, you definitely need either an experienced mentor, who has actually achieved stupendous success himself, doing this already or a training resource that is extensive, elaborate, comprehensive & yet very simple to follow. In other words, an internet marketing training resource that is both audio & video and teaches you by visually showing you how to do it click by click. This is because you may need to run thru it more than once to be able to grasp it and then follow it.

The first option is bound to be extremely expensive and hence the only option you have got is to get trained through an extremely elaborate kind of internet network marketing training resource, which holds you by the finger and leads you in to creating your presence across the internet, at your pace.

Internet marketing trainings of this expansive kinds are very few and then high on cost too. Hence what I am going to share with you is precious, rather priceless. The real fact of the matter is that I have included an extremely treasured training resource of mine,at the end of this article, in the resource box, which has powered my network marketing success personally.

All the more,at this point in time, this incomparable training is free to join, so you have a golden opportunity to check it out for yourself, as to how absolutely invaluable & inevitable it could prove to your mlm or network marketing business. And mark me for my words, if you are really serious about succeeding in your network marketing business, and are willing to work the right way ,this training could possibly change the direction of your business almost instantly.

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