How to Migrate from Your Shopping Cart to PrestaShop Automatedly?

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You can find different reasons why you may wish to migrate from your existing shopping cart to Prestashop. It's possible you'll find the shopping cart you use very complicated and think about relocating to a simpler one. Or, among other things, it's possible you'll want to migrate to Prestashop simply because this shopping cart is free. In any case, manual transfer of your info to another shopping cart could be an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. This problem may be solved with the help of Cart2Cart, an automated shopping cart migration service, produced by MagneticOne.

Compared to other shopping carts,Guest Posting PrestaShop has many advantages. Certainly, one of its most attractive features, particularly for e-commerce beginners, is the fact, that it's free. Also, it's open-source, which could possibly be interesting for more advanced users. It has an uncomplicated, intuitive interface and is very easy to use. At the same time, it provides  310 features, which make it a powerful and highly functional e-commerce platform.
These attributes make more and more users want to change the shopping carts they use to PrestaShop.
Cart2Cart is a service, designed to make this procedure faster and easier.
Migration to PrestaShop cart is performed in a few steps. Before you begin the migration itself, you'll need to register an account and estimate the price of your migration. Ensure that you have your source store as well as your PrestaShop store installed and available online. Also, don’t forget to back up your shop information.
Then you'll need to specify all of the necessary information, such as your source and target store info (URLs, cart types, cart names etc) and download the connection bridge for both shopping carts.
The next step is selecting entities for migration. With Cart2Cart it is possible to transfer products, product images, product extra fields, product attributes, product variants, categories, category images as well as other essential entities.
Also there are options for mapping languages, currencies and order statuses from your source cart to your Prestashop cart. If there's no need to do that, you can skip these steps.
Right after that you can start Free Demo Migration. At this stage, Cart2Cart will transfer only a limited amount of information for you to make sure that everything functions fine.
Then you can start Full Migration, and when it’s done, you can check the results on your new PrestaShop store. To finish the process, you will have to manage the info, not accessible for migration, such as store design, SEO information, and so forth.
Cart2Cart is just what you need if you want to save your precious time and move your data to your Prestashop store swiftly and easily. As an additional option, you can request Assisted Migration Service. This means that Cart2Cart engineers will do the whole job for you. For more details see the official Cart2Cart web page:

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