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In this article, we talk about Prestashop Infinite Scroll Addon which acts as a key to increase your site's engagement rate and reduce the bounce rate from your store. It is very easy to install and configure on the store. By providing all the products at one place, it makes sure that the store visitors don't have to do multiple clicks and gives a better user experience to them on the store. 

If you are looking for an ideal way to boost visitor’s time on your store then knowband has for you. Some eCommerce sites take longer time to load and significantly which is the reason why they also suffer from a higher bounce rate. To improve your site’s loading speed and to engage more people to your store Knowband has brought an Infinite Scroll Addon which makes the store highly engaging. It contributes to improving the store visitor’s experience with the site as well. With all the products being in one place,Guest Posting people will likely view all the products that you have which are less likely to happen in the case of Pagination.

Striking features of Prestashop infinite scrolling addon are being listed below:

1. The PrestaShop fast scroll addon can be activated or deactivated with just a single click.

2. The advanced customers can even enhance the look and feel through custom CSS and JS features available in the backend.

3. The store owners have the choice to select between two given layouts namely grid view and list view layout.

4. The Prestashop Infinite scrolling addon allows the store owners to display an end page message when the visitors reach at the end of the page. This avoids visitors from being lost.

5. Prestashop fast scroll addon offers a ‘Go to top link’ button feature as well through which the store visitors can reach directly at the top of the page. The store owners can also customize the colour and text of the button according to his store’s theme.

6. The store owners can also enable a load more feature which will then give the customers the freedom of choice to scroll to view products further or not.

7. The store owners can also display a loader which will appear when the visitor clicks on the load more feature.

8. With an additional sandbox setting feature, the store owners can test the module before actually implementing it on the store.

9. The store owners can in this way boost their store’s engagement rate.

10. Prestashop infinite scrolling addon offers numerous customizable options which makes it a lot easier for the store owners to work with the module.

11. Prestashop fast scroll addon is compatible with SEO friendly URLs.

12. Prestashop quick scroll addon is easy to install and configure. The store owners don't have to do any coding to implement the module on the store.

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