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Yet another of the succinct dissections of a slice of the Internet Marketing world that we hadn't seen before. This time getting started o the right foot. As always, one of the best! By author and marketer Riley West, a veteran reporter on all things Marketing, Offline and Online!

If you are having trouble getting started at making money online,Guest Posting you have lots of company. Very few of the countless programs for sale have most of the answers. Most of these are too advanced for beginners or they are preying on the naive inexperience of newcomers to Internet Marketing.

What they do have is their common theme, which is similar to "If you can operate a mouse and you follow our plan, step by step, you will be on track to riches soon!"

It's not true, of course, and only people who are anxious to get going and inexperienced at this process will fall for it.

And that is the problem! All the newcomers to Internet Marketing are inexperienced.

Daily, floods of newcomers swarm the search engines with search queries like "How can I make money online?" or just "make money". Type them in yourself and the first things that pop up are enough to distract and confuse anyone. It happened to me.

Not for long, however. Having been in business for 35 years, businessmen such as myself know there is nothing free!

In the beginning, I ran across this "make money online" outfit titled something like Ultimate Money Machine! They had this long, drawn out sales page touting their wonderful secrets and program. I believed them because I was new to Internet marketing.

They went on to say that they include a "free" web site (worth over $1000 dollars!) and that, if you follow their instructions, you will be online, making big bucks, in just "hours". Well, that's not true either.

I can think of better ways to describe it, but, I used to live in cattle country, and we had a local term for it, and I'll bet you've heard it.

How about this for a tacky trick? After you sign up for $49 bucks you find out that you could have signed up for less if you were a little more observant. What kind of cheap trick is that? I didn't see the tiny discount button at the bottom of the page.

Then, in order to use your "free" web site you have to use a certain hosting company. The hosting company is in partnership with these folks that run this shady program. You also have to pay for a domain name for your web site! Now you have had three charges instead of the $49 charge that you started with.

Then you have to "populate" this web site with something you can sell or just go with what is already on there! What is on the web site is, of course, the Ultimate Money Machine! You have paid to become a salesperson for them! Nice work if you can get it! You have now paid for a job that makes money for the outfit that sold it to you.

As it turns out, you, the newcomer to Internet Marketing, has no chance of selling these "hot" products because you haven't arranged for traffic to come to the site. As a result the web site gets no visitors. No one knows it's there and no one comes. It's a loss and a setback for you. The company that took your money is hungrily looking for another person too new to know what to do. They have forgotten about you.

Some of these newcomers to Internet Marketing might have ended up with a nice little online business if they hadn't wasted their time and money with these "misleading" scam mongers.

If you don't want that happening to you, and you'd like to know what the people who are succeeding know, then you need training!

That's right, go to school! Do some homework. I did and it really helped.

Unfortunately, it was after my wallet had been lightened by the scam artists. But maybe, in some way, it was good for me. I'll try for some comfort in that.

Get yourself to one of those online Internet Marketing schools! You can get the skills you need to succeed. And, while you are learning what you need to know there won't be some scammy outfit trying to upsell you on an acceleration program.

The school I went to cost less than $100, for life, and I still use it. What a wonderful resource it is. It's a combination of having an Internet Marketing library and locker room where you can get the information you need and store some of your resources for ready retrieval.

It will be a lot cheaper than falling for what are practically "scams" and you also won't waste your time! Now, you'll have your horse in front of the cart.

Learn what to do. Then go do it!

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