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File2Cart - an automated import service which was created for helping store owners like you import products, customers, categories and orders from .xml, .txt and .csv to your PrestaShop. With File2Cart the import process is fast, convenient and secure.

If you are reading this article,Guest Posting you possibly have got PrestaShop on-line store and, unfortunately,  you’ve got some troubles with product import to your store. I have to say that you’re incredibly lucky person, because there is an information below that can definitely change your business and help you to solve your import problems.

The resolution of your difficulties

The perfect decision for you is File2Cart - an automatic import service which was made for helping store owners like you import products consumers, categories and orders from .xml, .txt and .csv to your  PrestaShop. With File2Cart the import procedure is fast, convenient, precise and protected. With this service all the required information will probably be imported to your PrestaShop online store in a couple of hours only. And you don’t need to be afraid of data losses.

Positive aspects

You don’t have to be a programmer with this service. File2Cart moves your products, clients, orders and also other data to your brand new store absolutely automatically. It will only take you a few hours to import all the required data to your PrestaShop store.

You'll be able to import these entities to PrestaShop by using File2Cart: products, product images, categories, manufacturers, and so on.

Before making any payments, it is possible to try Demo Import option, which makes it possible for you to import several of your products, customers and orders from your current cart to PrestaShop for totally cost-free, just to estimate the speed and quality of File2Cart.

Moreover, at any moment you can calculate the price of the service with support of Import Estimator. The price, actually, depends on the number of products you need to import. All you have to do is to specify the file format, the target cart and also the quantity of entities you have to import and in a few seconds you will quickly get the price.

Do it, before it’s too late

If you want to make your PrestaShop product import automated, fast and accurate, File2Cart is the top way to do that. Make your on-line store better with File2Cart.

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