The Secret To Writing Great Copy

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Why do people sell and others don't? Are they smarter, better than you. NO, the just now how to write. How to get people to sign up or buy.

When you want to write a great copy you have to keep these three rules in mind:

1.don't make your copy look like an ad

2.grab and hold attention

3.take action

We are going to start with rule number 1:

Rule 1: Don't Make Your Copy Look Like an Ad.

As an offline or direct marketer,Guest Posting you are competing to grab your customer's attention away from whatever activity they are currently doing, whether it's watching a TV program, reading an article, or listening to music.

Whatever form of offline media you use, such as TV, radio, newspapers, or magazines, your sales piece must scream "Hey! Over here! Look at me!"

Online marketers face a different challenge. Expert copywriter Nick Usborne explains that it's very important to take into account that most people find websites through search engines. This means your readers are looking for you, or someone like you.

They are in the driver's seat. They have an objective in mind. They are task-oriented. They are focused and intent on finding a particular product, service or piece of information.

People are in a different mindset online.

Although they may not be set on a specific product, they know what they want and what information they are looking for. They want to know if your site can answer their questions and if your product or service will satisfy their needs.

Your site copy must therefore address their concerns and lay their doubts to rest. Since they have found their way to your site, you do not need to lure them in like an offline marketer does, but you DO need to demonstrate the value of your product or service. It would be a mistake to make your website look like an ad.

Focus on providing your customers relevant information, not a sales pitch! You'll get some examples as you go through this module. Offer compelling content that progresses smoothly into a cleverly integrated sales pitch.

Rule 2: Grab and Hold Attention.

You have less than 10 seconds to grab a customer's attention and keep her from clicking the back button.

What do you do?

The way to grab and hold attention is to use a powerful headline and sub-headline. Something that the customer can read in less than 10 seconds and that will compel her to stay on the page.

Once you've convinced her to stay a little longer, you need to get her to read your copy and take action. If the copy is the most important part of your sales strategy, then the headline is the SINGLE most important part of your copy.

Rule 3: Take Action.

The third step is to persuade the customer to take action and carry out your most wanted response. This could be signing up for a free online course, downloading software, or making a purchase on the spot.

While going for the sale is important, for many new and unique products you will need to allow customers to test-drive and experience your product first before attempting to sell it to them.

Even on the best websites up to 95% of customers will not buy on their first visit. You need a backup plan to stay in touch with these customers and bring them back over and over again as you warm them up to a sale.

A free online course helps to keep many of these customers in touch with you and gives you an opportunity to sell to them over and over again.

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