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Augustana College is situated in Illinois, one of the beautiful states of US.  Augustana College is a liberal arts and science college. Swedish settlers started Augustana College in 1860. The college is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The college offers bachelor degree of arts and science, pre- professional programs like law, medicine, and veterinary medicine.

Andrew College is a residential college situated in Cuthbert,Guest Posting Southwest Georgia, U.S. the Andrew College was established in 1854 before that, it was known as Andrew Female College, only females students are allowed to take admission, gradually the college established and in 1917, Andrew Female College changed to a junior college and they changed the name to Andrew College. It is one of the old colleges in Georgia.It is a private college. The college is situated in very large space; the campus is, in the middle of around 40 acre. It is a two year college. Most of the students are staying in campus residence halls. There are more than 300 students are studying. Most students are from different states and countries. Only 12 students get admission in one class. All students get good attention and care, they treat students very much professionally. The College has blessed with good and dedicated teachers. It has 1 teacher for 12 students. This can help the teachers to take good care of students and give proper education to all students equally.This way of teaching helps the students and it ingress the confidence. After completing the College, most of the students going for 4-year graduation course. It provides students a better base for their career. It is a liberal arts college. The whole environment of college was filled with church environment. The students get individual attention in all their activities. There are many programs take place to encourages the students to participate in arts. There are also take care the health of the students, there is workout classes for students to improve their health. There is student's community which involved academic advising, students activities, etc are involving.It developed the courses in favor of freshman and sophomore students. In the college different academic departments are available like Fine Arts, Humanities, Math and Science, Social Sciences. And the degree courses are as follows Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Music. The college also gives certificate for church music, musical theater, and servant leadership-Andrew Serves program. The students can get all types of books because, there is a wide collection of books are available. There is also computer lab for students. The college sports section is also famous. There are specializing in baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, etc.

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