Defensive Driving Tips

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Defensive driving is meant to save time, lives and money, irrespective of the driving conditions and the actions of others.

The Essential Defensive Driving Tips

According to the National Safety Council,Guest Posting defensive driving is meant to save time, lives and money, regardless of the driving conditions around you and the actions of others on the road. Defensive driving can be achieved by

  1. Adhering to various rules pertaining to driving

  2. Practicing specific driving techniques

Defensive driving aims at reducing the risk associated with driving.

Skills Used in Defensive Driving

Some of the skills and techniques that can help you in defensive driving are:

  1. Staying focused: While driving, you need to focus on several things, including the road conditions, traffic signals, your speed, road directions, the traffic around you, checking your rear and forward mirrors, while observing traffic laws. Distractions, such as talking to your co-passengers, eating or talking on the phone, can greatly reduce your focus on the driving and traffic situations. As a result, you may not be able to react to sudden problems on the road.

  2. Staying alert: Keeping alert at all times allows you to react quickly to unexpected problems. These problems could range from the last-minute application of brakes by the driver of a car in front of you to a child or an elderly person suddenly coming in front of your car.

  3. Assume the worst possible scenario: In defensive driving, you should think about the worst case scenario in every situation. For example, drivers following defensive driving techniques will expect a vehicle ahead of them to do the opposite of what he is indicating. They will also be cautious enough to assume that any red signals or stop signs will be ignored.

  4. Watch out for other drivers: Part of staying in control of your driving is to be aware of the traffic and drivers around you. This way there is a lower probability of you getting caught off-guard by an unexpected act of another driver. For example, a car speeding past you on the highway may have to suddenly change track to a lane in front of you if it encounters a slow-moving truck in the same lane. Anticipating the act of another driver may help you react in time.

These are some of the technique and skills taught in defensive driving courses. Due to huge public demand, several non-profit and government organizations offer this course offline and online. One of the leaders in the field is, which provides award-winning defensive driving courses in the form of edutainment.

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