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Roommates can make or break your college experience.  It's important to learn how to compromise during your time there.  

Dwelling in a dorm is a unique experience,Guest Posting and it will be different depending on the university you attend. This will apply to the roommate you have, how many roommates you have, food availability, and other amenities. No matter the components, the best part about living in a dorm is it is set up so that you do not have to clean the bathroom or cook your own food. Living in an apartment will give you more freedom, but there are fewer duties for you when you live in a dorm room.
The foremost issue is roommates. The worst part about living in a dorm may be that you end up with a random roommate. These pairings can work out or be a failure, but the point is that no one likes to be surprised when it comes to who they will be living with. There are also dorm rooms where you will have several roommates, or you will have the opportunity to have your own room. Both of these alternatives are better than having one roommate, particularly if you do not get along with them. Either way, the dorm room roommate may be your first foray into socializing at college. The experience you have with your roommate will open up even more possibilities to meet new people. Thus, it is important to meet your new roommate with a positive mindset.
Subsequent to the roommate variable, the rest of the accommodations are the icing on top. For example, dwelling in a dorm means there will be a food commons nearby. You will not have to be concerned about grocery shopping, as you will be able to fall back on your prepaid meal plan. Going out and getting your own food with friends can be interesting, but it is a good thing to have a meal plan you can rely on.
Most people hate dorms, because you have to share a bathroom with everyone else. That sounds tough, but the bright side is that you never have to clean the bathroom. The dorms are staffed with people to clean it for you. That is one less chore for you to worry about. Another annoying chore would be paying bills. Dorm rooms are paid before the semester starts in one lump sum. Thus, rent, electricity, water, cable, and heat are already accounted for.
Contingent on where you go to school the dorm room experience will change. Some schools have dorm rooms that are extremely old and in poor shape. Others have new facilities that are as nice as a new apartment. It would be smart of any incoming student to check out if their school has any new dorm facilities. They can be nice enough to make you want to continue there all four years.

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