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Divya Music School, is a global school of Music and Dance offering short term and certificate level courses and Full term Diploma level courses for the global students.

Divya Music School offers “Kathak Dance” training in a unique and traditional manner. Teaching style is variable such as Guru Shishya Parampara (Style),Guest Posting One on One basis and Group wise or Individual at the center as well as with the modern approach (Online on Skype).



School also offers the online Dance classes for Odissi Dance, Manipuri Dance, Kuchipudi Dance, Mohiniyattam Dance, Kathkali Dance, Sattriya Dance. And also other categories like Folk dance and popular dance http://danceclassonline.in/Indian-Classical-Dance-Lessons-Online.php


Kathak Dance

Kathak dance originated from ‘Braj’ region in Uttar Pradesh state of northern India. The word ‘Kathak’ means ‘Katha’ (story in Hindi) – a story being narrated through the Kathak dance and so the facial expression and style matters. In Kathak dance style the dancing skills included are recitation, singing, acting & dancing. With the passing time the meaning and aim of this traditional devotional dance format has also changed and the devotional lyrics have been replaced by very fast modern rhythm.



Classical dance is the melody of life which creates rhythmic, vibration and enters in the heart and soul of the human being and make feel the unimaginable peace and harmony.



In addition school encourage all aged of people from 5 to 80 plus can enroll to learn all aspects of Indian Classical dance. In order to serve a better E-Learning environment, school is providing this facility to all students and also ,those candidates, who can not reach the center alone or facing with any physical challenges/old ages  and all professionals who doesn't have time can take this benefit of E-Learning facility to learn dance as per their choices and comfort time schedule. This real time, live distance learning program is a high quality Audio -Video show where you can see, hear and talk with your private instructors, the dance teachers, the dance Gurus in real time. The internet based online dance lessons are devised to work in the same way as a student experiences in the dance learning studio class with a dance teacher. Divya Music School gives 10 percent of discount on one student of a same family student. With this online learning facility students can take many advantages like , Save the time, money , traveling issues, energy and can learn at his or her homely and feel free environment .Online dance classes are usually preferred by individuals for learning vocal and instrumental dance but Divya Music can also organize and offer special online classes for a small group of individuals or for teaching dance to a community as community dance learning classes. All aged of candidates can avail the benefits of E-learning i.g “Live , One on One and Interactive online dance lessons, flexible time schedules of the online dance class lessons, well defined curriculum for all levels of  E-Learning , Advanced dance E-books learning content and dance practice. Safe & convenience option for kids, children, women and old aged people, Save on travel time and the cost of traveling to the dance teacher. Divya Music always do support to maintain and shed the heritage of classical dance. Hobby Classes – of classical dance basically to learn vocal and to play instruments for the General Entertainment and making it as a part of life. According to school, at least one child in the family must join the dance class as an additional talent.



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Here is classical dance as a spiritual tradition of life. One should know the spirituality of Indian classical dance. One should listen and understand the melody of classical dance. One should have passive participation in live shows based on classical dance. Respect the artists who are our heritage assets.  Know more info from our website:


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