The people who live in Andorra

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The people of Andorra are of Spanish ancestry, and speak a dialect of the Spanish language. They also speak French and regular Spanish

The people live simply,Guest Posting farming their land or raising sheep. They are very proud of their ancient customs, which have changed very little in hundreds of years. Most of them belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Andorrans raise enough crops to feed themselves, and grow enough tobacco  tobacco to sell some of it to other countries. They manufacture very little except paper for cigarettes, and some rough cloth. An Andorran earns very little actual money (only about thirty dollars a year), but there are almost no taxes, and food and clothing are inexpensive.

Strangely enough, though the people are poor, one out of every nine now owns an auto mobile. Children are not required to go to school as in most modern countries, though there are free parish schools. Most of the people can neither read nor write. There is only one movie theatre in the entire country. A favourite sport of the men is izard hunting. The izard is a small goat-like antelope that lives in the mountains. The people do not travel often, and marry among themselves, so that many of the families in Andorra are related. There are telephones in Andorra, but no long-distance lines, so they cannot call anyone outside their own country.

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