Top Benefits of Joining Professional Year in Australia

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Australia is a perfect destination to study,Guest Posting work and live. The laid back environment, quality education, welcoming locals, and higher standard of living attract foreign students every year in Australia. The expense of studying in Australia is meager in comparison to UK and US. High job opportunities for overseas students is another factors to pursue higher education in Australia. But, to enjoy job opportunities, students need to undergo courses that come under critical skill set.

Australian economy is thriving and producing lots of job opportunities in all sectors. But many sectors face acute shortage of qualified professionals essential to perform works. Skilled migration is used to find appropriately skilled workers for businesses to work temporarily. Additionally, Professional Year Program has been started to resolve country’s skill shortage. The program was specifically developed for fresh overseas graduates in Engineering, Accounting, and IT field to impart professional skills.

Short Engineering Courses in Melbourne

Overseas students who graduated from a higher education program from an Australian university (minimum 2-year course) is eligible to join in Professional Year in Engineering. The course is developed by Engineering Education Australia (EEA) to prepare overseas engineering graduates for the Australian workplace. The Engineering short courses in Melbourne are 44-week long program containing 32-week coursework and 12-week internship training in live projects. Undergoing this course, graduates learn work ethics, communication skills, interview facing, and development of professional skills. Post completion of this program, students earn 5 migration points for permanent residency and higher employment opportunities in Australia.

Accounting Short Courses in Melbourne

Qualified accountants are essential to keep track of business dealings and propose appropriate changes in the financial matters. Accountants can see impending financial problems and provide solution to bring more profits for companies. But, Australia lacks qualified accountants to handle financial matters which is hampering economic growth.

To meet rising demand of accountants for businesses, Professional Year in Accounting has been started for overseas graduates in this field. Accounting short courses in Melbourne are perfect for overseas graduates looking to launch their accounting career in Australia. Students need a two years accounting degree from Australian university, a valid Temporary Graduate visa, and a minimum IELTS 6 or equivalent scores to be eligible for this program.

The 44-week program training prepares overseas accounting graduates for Australian workplace. This is because graduates acquire both theoretical and practical skills in the internship program. Students completing this program earn 5 migration points and employment opportunities in relevant industries.

Short Internship Program for IT Graduates

Australia has top ranked Universities offering courses on Information Technology. Use of Information Technology is ubiquitous and it has improved businesses ways of working. But, Australia has limited qualified IT professionals and not enough to meet the industry requirements. To supply skilled IT workforce for Australian industries, Universities have started Professional Year in IT program for overseas students.

Joining in short Term IT courses in Melbourne help graduates to get professional skills essential to start career in Australia. This program is meticulously developed by Australia Computer Society (ACS), specifically to make graduates market-ready. On completion, overseas graduates gain 5 migration points for PR and job opportunities in IT industry.

To get more information on Professional Year in Australia and its benefits, it is essential to contact a registered education agency. 

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