A Steinway Piano for Your Church

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Many churches probably have pianos that are hand-me-downs from other churches or other locations. This is fine for many churches if they are unable to afford better. How much better it would be though to worship God with a piano that is of better quality such as a Steinway.

Music in the church is such an important part of worshipping God. Part of that music is of course the voices of the congregation,Guest Posting but an essential part is the piano giving the right notes. Some churches may not consider this to be a priority because they know that God finds all true worship to be beautiful, but if a church can afford to own a quality piano such as a Steinway, that will not only make their worship more beautiful to those singing and listening, but it will also give a better view of God to those visiting. It is important that a church gives their best as they worship.

If in the past your church has been one with an old piano that maybe came out of a 1960's night club that is fine, it has been used to worship God, and that is what matters. If however, your church can afford a new piano then it is wise to buy one that is quality such as a Steinway. It is wise because it gives the right view of God, it is wise because it is being a good steward of God's money, and it is also wise because it will likely last for many generations to come.

Giving the right view of God is important in a church. That is one of the reasons there is church - to bring others to know God. If you are the pastor of a church, you do not likely want someone to think of the old metallic sounding piano at the front of the church when they think of their visit. You want them to think of how worshipful their time spent there was and that they would like to come back again.

Having a quality piano for your church is also wise in the area of the stewardship of the money that is given to the church. When someone gives money to their church, they are giving that money to God for His work. Purchasing a quality piano will show a wise use of these monies.

Purchasing a quality piano is also wise because it will last. Pianos such as a Steinway are built to last. Whether your church decides to buy an upright, small grand, or even a concert grand, they are purchasing quality with this brand name. As one looking for a piano for your church, do not be afraid to get a quality product because in the short and long run it will be worth it in so many ways. Look at what your church can afford in quality pianos, and go from there.

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