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The cliché that says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery applies for sunglasses,Guest Posting too. Most major sunglass manufacturers price their products so high that it creates a demand in the market for cheap flea-market replicas. These replica sunglasses look almost the same and are made of almost the same materials, but do they provide the same protection or craftsmanship as the originals.

People often wonder how replica sunglasses can be priced so low. Of course, the answer is all too evident. Inferior quality of material, shoddy designing of the frames, and fake claims such as polarization ability, photochromatic ability enable replica manufacturers to sell their products at discounts. The only effort made is to maintain the same look as the original. There is no guarantee of getting any other of the benefits that the originals provide. One more factor is that replica sunglasses manufacturers save lots of money in research. All they have to do is to pick up an original product, educate themselves a little on the website of the original and copy it. The amount of money saved on research is sometimes so huge that the replica may come very close to the original both in look as well as in quality.

Replica sunglasses are sold at discount stores, dollar shops and even by street-side vendors. Obviously, they carry no guarantee or warranty cards, and they often come without proof of purchase. The buyers are also aware that they are picking up a product that is uncertified and unreliable and the sellers make no claims to the contrary. The major chunk of replica buyers are school and college students, who may not have as much money to splurge on a pair of Oakleys or Diors, but still want to look like Brad Pitt or Britney Spears. Picnickers also find themselves buying a lot of replica sunglasses when they suddenly realize that their picnic spot or beach is a tad bit warmer and brighter than what they perceived when they left home.

Economically speaking, the sale of replica sunglasses is detrimental to the same manufacturers who produce such duplicates. Providing cheap counterfeits may momentarily increase their sales, but they cut into the businesses of big brands. Consequently the big brands may curtail the entries of new products in the market and the replica manufacturers would have nothing to replicate. Having said this, it is necessary to mention that the clienteles of replica sunglasses and branded sunglasses are entirely different and there is no probability of either of them cutting into the businesses of the other.

Replicas may provide temporary elation at a very cheap price, but it is not advisable to go for such counterfeits as they provide less protection to the eyes. It is always better to shell a few more dollars when the safety of eyes is concerned.

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