Talented Kentucky Rockers Cage The Elephant Capture World’s Attention

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Howdy, rock-n-roll people!

An American states Kentucky is popular for the recipe of crispy grilled chicken which we love to eat when we have lack of time. But besides fast-food this state can really be proud of raving and stunning rock-n-roll performed by passionate local heroes Cage The Elephant members of which are Matt Shultz, Brad Shultz, Jared Champion, Lincoln Parish and Daniel Tichenor.

The guys formed their band in the city of Bowling Green in 2006 and from that moment on they regale and make their fans happy with sounds of absorbing indie,Guest Posting rock and psychedelic. In one second Cage The Elephant attracted attention of melomaniacs all over the world. Thus after South by Southwest festival in 2007 the rockers signed a contract with Relentless Records and moved to the capital of Great Britain. Their first namesake album “Cage The Elephant” was praised for bright sounding and sincerity of their songs. Their Madchester sound helped them to earn shocking success in Britain chart.

The members of this band are absolutely different, even polar. So before getting back together in 2012 they continued working as individuals. Each of them is like a universe in himself. 5 passionate musicians with certain vision of music, of songs, create marvelous pieces of musical art. Their approach is highly experimental and based around the idea that that you don’t just write a song, you find it. It borns out of your memories, your feelings. For pure experiment, they stopped listening to any other music recordings and it gave them new inspiration. This nuance definitely makes them unique among others.

Due to it each their album differs from the previous one. Their homonymous debut album took elements of classic rock and blues and infused them with the rich southern flavors of their native state Kentucky. In comparison, their second album nestled a wuzzy, college rock vibe reminiscent of The Pixies, but in short, neither had given fans a real taste of the band's true personality, just a hint of it beneath a layer of aesthetic appropriation.

However, their third album 'Melophobia' was a united effort from the band to not just show their own sound to the world, but to find it as well. It was their first real critical success, and showed Cage the Elephant not as genre chameleons they were becoming known as, but as more than competent musicians in their own right.

Music critics and Cage the Elephant’s fans note that the guys run on 1000% power every second before the crowd, no matter what event it is: their live concert, big or small festival, etc. The leading singer Matt Shultz uses every micron of the stage and often makes crowdsurfing. All the other guys from Cage the Elephant and him energize absolutely all people around. Cage the Elephant has a high professional reputation in the sphere of music and their prestige seems everlasting.

So why this quint of come-outers can be predefined as the “next great rock-group” of USA? In our century many keeners sing complicated mind-bending (in the bad sense of this word) songs about punctuality/architecture/art or sometimes “sweet” songs. Such dull music makes us tired very often and the worst irritated. We start searching for something absolutely opposite and rebellious and fresh! Unbelievably, but music and songs created by Cage The Elephant really shake your mind vigorously. Moreover after their live concerts or just listening them on the radio, TV, Internet you fell so refreshed, as if you shouted your heart out and you just washed off all problems. Music critics love Cage The Elephant for unique sounding. Mix of colossal tremendous riffs and rhythms can fill the canyons with powerful, destroying rock-n-roll hymns. Cage The Elephant won’t let you get asleep from monotonous boredom.

To fans’ delight the band decided to arrange a tour through American towns and cities this year. On our website you can buy tickets on all concerts 2016 of Cage The Elephant. Just click the red button BUY ONLINE and you will certainly be astonished by these rising rockers!

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