Why is Superman the Strongest Superhero

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Superman vs Hulk is an important battle to settle who the stronger one is, but first it helps to learn about the Superman mythos. It gives you an understanding of the character's importance to popular culture.

I would like to do something different and special to this entry. Not a word,Guest Posting not a review, not a survey. I would just like tossing this question out about the most powerful dc characters to you, and that those who want you, let your answer in the comments.

Because I think that's an interesting question and many times it has been raised: Why is Superman the most powerful DC character of them all? For each perspective there will be an answer; a reason why he is not just another one of our favorite characters. I'll give you mine, and I invite everyone to share yours.

Can We Survive Without Superman?

Superman is the character that I grew up watching his movies, his TV series, after reading his comics; after all, who among us has not dreamed of flying and being a superhero? But Superman is that and much more. The Man of Steel represents the ultimate expression of a character who seems to be one thing and in reality is another.

The timid journalist, Clark Kent, who wears glasses that everyone ignores, but which hides under a psychological mask as someone who is able to do anything. In fact, Clark is something that rivals the very definition of power - a very attractive idea for the common man, of course.

Eventually, by dint of following not only movies but comics, you realized that there was more. We talk about a character with values that are well above average. Not a superhero to avenge a dramatic fact of his past, or to impress a girl; not a man consumed with the idea of to getting rich and famous. He is a superhero because, with his power, being a superhero is simply the right thing to do. To borrow a line from Marvel Comics’ Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Doing the Right Thing Can be Hard - Even for a Superhero

Of course, as you well know, doing the right thing is not always the easiest option. That message is that Superman just because there seems to me the best lesson that can transmit a fictional character. Although you can choose to follow a quick and lucrative way, and benefit from your gifts (whatever they are) only for your own benefit, that is not what you should do...and for no reason other than it’s not right. And if we all did the right thing and not quite the contrary, the world would be a better place by far.

So my answer is always very clear when asked why is Superman the strongest superhero. In fact, it’s the same answer when I’m asked why any of the most powerful DC characters are as strong as they are. Not because they fly, have super strength and blast nuclear fire from his eyes (although this is, of course, extremely cool). Superman is my favorite because you choose to be the best you can be.Against all odds, his indefatigable sense of right and wrong prevails and holds fast. And that's a lesson that I always like to try to apply in my life. You are the best you can be.

Maybe you can’t move a mountain, or boil an ocean away, but no one tells you that you can’t simply try to be good, and a hero to someone who needs you. It simply does not take power incarnate to lend a helping hand - perhaps even save a life. Let Superman be your inspiration if you have no other - his are ideals to cherish; and by which to live.

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