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Are you looking for unique Christmas cards this year? The best way to make sure that your holiday greeting cards are a true reflection of your individuality is to select custom Christmas cards. Many people think that custom Christmas cards are too costly, but the fact is that it can be surprisingly affordable to purchase or create customized greeting cards.

Stock DesignsThere are many different ways to customize Christmas cards. Some companies offer a basic selection of different art,Guest Posting messages, and types of paper. You can mix and match from standard designs, so that the finished product represents your personal preferences. Many companies allow customers to select among stock greetings and papers, and will imprint the cover with the customer's personal photo, company logo, or other design. Unique DesignsYou may also choose to create a Christmas card design that is completely customized. You can write your own message and use your own drawing, painting, or photograph to create your own cards. Some people use their home computers to design and print customized cards, and others have the cards they design printed professionally. If you aren't artistically inclined, you can also have professional artwork created for your customized greeting cards. Many printing shops have on-staff graphic designers and illustrators who will illustrate a card design that is uniquely yours. Of course, having an original design created for your Christmas cards will cost more than if you use your own photograph or choose a card design from stock images. Printing ChoicesThe most typical custom Christmas card style is the traditional single fold card with an image on the front and a caption or poem on the inside. The signature can be printed directly on the card, or they can be signed by hand. Customized cards are sometimes printed on postcard stock, which keeps senders from having to worry about stuffing envelopes. Postage is also less expensive for postcards than traditional greeting cards. Electronic Holiday GreetingsElectronic Christmas cards are also gaining in popularity. Many people choose to send e-greetings instead of Christmas cards. Those who are skilled computer users often find it quite simple to create customized electronic cards. Sending e-mail holiday greetings can save printing costs and postage expense. It also reduces paper usage, which is a bonus for environmentally responsible consumers. Creating custom Christmas cards is easier than ever before. With so many different and economical ways to develop unique and personalized cards, you don't have to settle for standard, off-the-shelf holiday greeting cards.

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