Helping Teenagers To Cope With Wearing Braces

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Most parents want their children to grow up with a perfect white smile and this often means wearing braces as a teenager. But getting your child to accept braces may not be all that easy.

If your teenager is anything like mine then you will probably think that the world has come to an end if it ever comes time for her to wear braces on her teeth. But,Guest Posting since we all want our children to have that perfect white smile as they enter adulthood if at all possible, this is one hurdle which many of us have to learn to jump.Fortunately the world of braces has changed dramatically since I wore them myself as a child and the days of that horrible mess of metal in your mouth is thankfully long gone. Today there are all sorts of alternatives open to your teenager, many of which include clear bands and brackets which are hardly visible. Indeed, you can even get 'invisible' braces nowadays which are plastic inserts that fit over the child's teeth. Gone too in many cases is the need for painful adjustments to the braces on a regular basis, with the dentist simply replacing the braces every six or eight weeks.The starting point however is to get your teenager to focus attention on the long term benefits of wearing braces which is a challenge in itself since most teenagers are concerned about today and not next month or next year. They will see braces as ruining their life, rather than correcting a problem which they might find will ruin their life when they get a little bit older and start dating or set their heart on a job which requires them to have a nice smile. You job therefore is to make them focus on the longer term and get them to visualize themselves in a few years time with a smile like that of their current television or magazine idol. This means that magazines and television are a good place to start when it comes to convincing your teenager of the benefit of wearing braces.Another fear which you may need to overcome is that of braces being painful to wear or causing pain when they are adjusted or changed. Here you can do two things. First, enlist the help of your dentist or of your teenager's friends who are already wearing braces and, second, schedule appointments at the end of the school day so that, if there is any discomfort, you teenager will be able to relax at home rather than having to sit in class in discomfort.If you child is musical and plays a woodwind instrument or is actively involved in sport they may also be concerned about the affect of wearing braces. Indeed, some braces could actually interfere with their performance. In this case simply talk to your orthodontist as this is a problem which they will be very familiar with and for which they have many different solutions available.Finally, do not forget that teenagers are an ingenious group and they too have ways of coping with many of the trials and tribulations of teenage life. In Thailand for example multi-colored braces are now very much a fashion item and many children who do not need braces are begging their parents to let them wear them because all their friends are doing so.Getting your teenager to wear braces may take a little bit of work but it is certainly not as difficult today as it once was.

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