How to get your family album ready for Easter..

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Find out how you can create your online family blog, picture filer, or video podcasts for this incoming Easter. This is ideal for sharing your holiday wishes with family, or exchanging ideas with your friends.

Be ready for the incoming Easter!!! Easter is the most important religious feast of the Christian liturgical year and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. It also refers to the season of the church year,Guest Posting lasting for fifty days, from Easter Sunday through Pentecost. This year, Easter falls on April 8th for both, Western Church and Eastern Church. As with many other Christian dates, the celebration of Easter extends beyond the church. Easter was a time of feasting and celebration since its origins. As you might know, in many traditionally Christian countries, Easter is the time of family gathering. In some parts of the UK and most of the North America, on the Easter holiday most of families participate only in the attendant revelry, with the decorating of Easter eggs on Saturday evening and hunting for them Sunday morning. According to the children's stories, the eggs were hidden overnight and other treats delivered by the Easter Bunny in an Easter basket which children find waiting for them when they wake up. Many families in America and most Christian countries, attend Sunday Mass or services in the morning and then participate in a feast or party in the afternoon. It was also the custom to send postal cards to friends and family. Other people, used to send family cards, or family pictures. Unfortunately, lately this custom changed and we are not sending anymore postcards, we are sending mass emails with holiday wishes to all the people from our list. Well this option is faster and we don't spend too much time in composing a mass email, but some might feel offended that you put them together with the rest of people from your list. Well.. Ok.... you will ask me, what is the solution then? The Easter soon will "knock at my door" and have no time to write personalized postcards to all your friends. Well, there are several solutions... You can create a Quick Blog about you and your family, where you can add your holiday pictures. Invite all your family and friends to leave a comment, or their holiday wishes on your blog. You don't need any programming skills to do that, if you reached this article by yourself, well, you are smart enough to create your blog.. If someone helped you to reach here, you still have a chance to create your blog. Yes, it is that easy, you can build a full-functional blog in a few quick steps. What is a blog?!? A blog is an increasingly popular form of personal, frequently-updated online journal that allow users to easily distribute and collect information on the Web. The Quick Blog tool allows the user to quickly build and publish a blog thus creating an instant outlet for his/her comments, opinions, photos, etc. A family blog is ideal for sharing your holiday wishes with family pictures, sparking debate or exchanging ideas with your friends. It provides all of the tools necessary to build the blog, distribute and manage content, customize the site according to personal preferences. Personally, I consider this option more fun, interactive with your friends, and cheaper than sending postcards to everyone on each Holiday. Of course, in order to have a blog, or any kind of website, you will need a domain name (i.e., which in most places is starting from $8 and up. This is a good price to pay for a domain name, but there are also places where you can get internet services in package deals, for example you buy a blog and get a domain for $1.99/yr (with free hosting and other free services-if needed). If you have too many pictures that you want to share with friends, it is better to organize them in an online photo filer. How to do that? Very easy, as I wrote before, so instead of creating a blog, you can create a photo filer. What you can do with a photo filer? Well, you can do lots of things, like:   - Storing and managing photos and images in one place;   - Improve your photos with easy-to-use photo editing features;   - Share your photos with anyone - without requiring them to provide an email address or log in;   - Keep sensitive photos or images private with password-protected galleries;   - Purchase high-quality prints directly from the photo gallery - available;   - Entertain your visitors with custom photo slideshows;   - It is password protected for galleries, has custom photo slideshows and RSS Feeds. Family pictures and blogs are not enough for your loved ones? Need more and want to offer a verbal wish? Create a podcast video or just an audio podcast. Let them see and/or hear your hail. As you saw, these were several new ideas for the incoming Easter, something special for your friends and family. This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as copyright notice, links and resource box are unchanged.

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