The Joy Of Babies

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Unless you are made of stone, none of us can fail to be moved by the arrival of a baby. Whether it is your child, or belongs to a family member or friend, a baby brings unconditional joy into our lives.

The effect of a baby on our lives is staggering. New parents gaze in wonder at this new life they have created,Guest Posting grandparents regress seems to become years younger and friends seem to call around more. From the moment they make their entrance into this big, wide world babies bring with them love that many didn't know existed. Women who have never wanted their own children often find themselves feeling broody and it's surprising how many childless people of both sexes will suddenly offer their services as a babysitter.

With the progress made in fertility treatments, there are a lot more multiple births than there used to be. These are looked at in different ways, twins for example can be classed as 'double trouble' but we are all fascinated by these little people who are mirror images of each other. Non identical twins may not look the same, but we will wonder at their temperaments and expressions. Twins, triplets etc can be particularly hard on the new parent and the help offered will more often than not be accepted gratefully.

Grandparents are a vital part of any baby's life. They will want to see this little miracle at any opportunity, but many new parents have been heard to bemoan this fact, that they never get a moment to themselves. Finding a happy balance is the key, be there when needed but don't try and take over. Many Grandmothers will tut and feel that they should tell the mother that they are doing it wrong, well bite your tongue Granny! This can have a bad psychological effect on the Mom, she will begin to doubt her ability and with all those post pregnancy hormones raging you could find your self cut out. If asked for advise give it, but let the Mom be a Mom, she has to learn just as you did.

Now to some of us this might sound crazy, but many Moms and Dads find that they are jealous of the new arrival. Or to be more precise, they are jealous of the time that their partner lavishes in the little one, leaving them left out in the cold. The whole family dynamic changes when you have a baby, you can't just concentrate on each other any more. A bay can do nothing for itself and relies on the parents for anything, even identifying the problem, such as hunger or wind, by the different cries. Dad's are the most likely to have these feelings, and yes this is your child, but it isn't you who has felt it growing inside you fr 40 weeks, there is a bond between Mother and child like no other. Be a supportive Dad, not a whinge.

A child's time as a baby is incredibly short, and although it may be tempting to make your baby do things for themselves as quick as possibly, this time should be cherished. Although we all clap and praise the baby the first time it holds it's bottle itself, this is a sign that soon those special feeding time moments are nearing an end. It's inevitable that these milestones will come, but let them come naturally.

Having a baby is the biggest life changing experience for everyone. Enjoy and treasure every moment as before you know it they will be belligerent teenagers with the world against them.

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