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Car donations have become a great way to help charity. With over 3/4 of a million cars donated anually.

Car donations have become a great way to help charity. People simply offer their unwanted vehicle to a charity. The charity either has a lot where the car is sold or has an auction company take care of the sale.

In the United States car donations are tax deductible. This has made car donations very popular. The IRS even has a form just for those wishing to get the tax deduction. Also the charity you are going to donate to have to have "non profit" status with the IRS. In 2000 nearly 3/4 of a million people donated their cars with a tax savings of over $650 million. Generally when the value of the donation is under $4000 the donor determines the value. While donations over this value are sold and the donor gets the to right off the actual value the car sold for.

In the US donations are accepted in all 50 states. Pick up of your vehicle often occurs within 24 - 48 hours after arranging your donation. You can even donate your car if it isn't operating as long as the value is more then the cost to have it towed.

Donations aren't limited to only cars. Trucks,Guest Posting vans, RV's, trailers and boats are also accepted as donations. If you have any questions about if your vehicle will be accepted as a donation it is best to call a registered charity. Some of the charities that benefit from car donations are:

1. Red Cross

2. Habitate for Humanity

3. Boy Scouts

4. Cancer Research InstituteTo name a few.

For a complete list of charities that benefit from car donations can be obtained by doing a search on any major search engine.

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