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The spread betting platform that MF Global Spreads uses is the Phoenix trading platform.

Capital Spreads is one of those spread betting broker companies that is known to offer tight spreads for as low as 1p using a trading platform that is convenient and simple to use. Capital Spreads is surrounded by the London Capital Group and has a vast market for its clients and it is also regulated by FSA. 

For those who are new in the industry,Guest Posting they can get useful information about trading and spread betting through its free demo account. The demo account may not have all the essential features due to limited charting but it can still offer new clients an area to practice especially those who are fascinated to join the trading industry. There are also online training and seminars that are made for new clients. The account is also fully equipped with a feature called automatic stop loss order that secures newbies from potentially losing a lot specially when they still do not know how to react with unstable markets. Without this feature, a new client may lose a large amount of virtual money on this demo account. This will train them on how to relate this feature when they get on to the real-time and real-life trading platforms. On cases where the newbie is not interested on this feature, he can just take it out and change his account.

In 2010, the trading platform of Capital Spreads was upgraded and improved on including features like the split screen, display reorganization to fit the requirements of the user as well as the stop order and limit order on the trading tickets. This type of platform can allow spread betting including the contracts for difference. It can be conveniently accessed online and there is no need for one to download software just to access it. A client can also do the trading by means of using his mobile phone through the mobile trading feature.

Capital Spreads also provides trading and planning tools. There are also available daily and weekly videos that comes with commentaries and this can be helpful to the clients. There is also made available the economic data calendar for those traders who depend on the economic news when they make judgements for their trading. The planning tools assist the traders in scheduling out their daily or weekly trading activities. Since this is web based, it includes essential tools such as quotes, charts and even links that can help the trader throughout the trading process. 

After opening an account, the clients have their choice of currencies including Sterling, US Dollars and the Euros. Capital Spreads do not require opening deposits from its clients when they open a trading account, they let their clients decide whether they will deposit or not the moment they get into trading.

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