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It is important that you understand what net cost index concept is while you are comparing insurance quotes. It would have been very simple and easy for all the buyers to evaluate the cost and compare the insurance policies and find out the cheapest one easily.

If all the policies where evaluated on same risk factors and importance was given to the same factors then the cheapest policy would have been the one that had the lowest price of premium. But this is not the case so it is not that very simple to find out a cheapest insurance policy.

If you don’t want to commit a mistake or confusion while finding cheapest policy then you should use net cost index so that all the values are converted to a single number which is easier to compare. Now days insurance quotes sites also provide you with tips to assist you in finding the right type of policy. But all these tips are only helpful if you are estimating the price of the policies using the insurance quotes available on the internet. But before comparing quotes and also the total coverage you need to prepare the outline of the kind of policy you want and what are your needs and requirements. Here comes the importance of the quotes. What are the tings you should search for while choosing the policy on bases of quotes?

i.    Reliability- it is very important that you trust the providers so that you can save your time. There is only a minor difference between the actual cost of the policy and quotes. If the difference would have been huge then why would people look for quotes? True that in rare cases small differences can make big difference.
ii.    Comprehensive- if you go to experts for the tips on searching online insurance quotes then they will lay emphasis on importance of the site that you are choosing to get quotes from various insurance companies. If you restrict your search to only few sites or companies then there may be chances that you miss out a good and a very affordable policy.
iii.    Must have further options- a site that provides only insurance quotes to its customers is not a very good site. A site that can help you find quotes as well as help you make a right decision about the affordable policy and then finalize is a useful site.

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